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  1. okay, i;ve tried a search on this, but i still don't understand this. i have the yorkville xs400 head, with a yorkville 4X10 and yorkville 1X15 cabinets.

    the head is rated at 4 OHMS and the cabinets are each at 8ohms. is it bad to run them together?

    i'm trying to understand this OHMS concept but i havent got it yet. is it bad to run 2 8ohms by a 4ohms or does this not matter?

    sorry if this occurs alot.

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    Dec 1, 2003
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    Yes you can run both with the XS400H, two 8 ohm canbinets in parallel =4 ohms which is what the amp is designed for. :)
  3. And yet another reason for the damn Ohms FAQ to be a sticky. Mods, ***?
  4. well thats sovled.

    how does your rig sound?

    is it loud enough?