Yorkville BassMaster?

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  1. Anybody have any experience with these? I played one extensively yesterday and really want to sell my current rig and get this. Current rig is a Peavey Firebass II and 2 TVX810 cabs. I've had them for almost 5 years and am tired of lugging them around.

    The Yorkville I tried was a 400w combo with 2 10s. I can also run one of their 115 cabs with it. It sounded great AND I can get it all into my car with no prob.

    Anyone use these amps?
  2. Justin Tuskey

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    Mar 24, 2007
    Richmond Hill, GA
    I use the Bassmaster XS800 head, and its pretty killer. Just search for yorkville, and you will see a lot of love for them here on TalkBass. They are very versatile and a built like tanks! Also they are North American made with one of the best warranties around. Great sound, and very powerful
  3. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    I have a friend who has one of these, he actually has a couple of Yorkville rigs. I played through that combo at his house and was very impressed. They seem to be nice products. I thought it sounded very good.

    Yorkville (or Trayner nowdays) has a good reputation. I don't think it would be a bad choice.
  4. greenboy


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    Yorkville/Traynor have some great bass and PA products, and great tech support. Wish there were more US dealers, but I guess the internet will suffice.
  5. Zooberwerx

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    Dec 21, 2002
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    I use a Yorkie XM 200 (200 watt 2 X 10" combo) with the matching 1 X 15" ext. cab. Compact but a little on the heavy side. The rig is plenty loud enough for small / medium venues. My local shop is no longer stocking them but they're available on line. Of course, you can't test-drive it first so it may take it out of contention. If you can afford to go top-shelf, take a look at the Eden Metros and SWR Redheads.

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    Mar 13, 2004
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    I've used a Yorkville BassMaster 50 (1x10" li'l combo) for teaching and smaller coffee house gigs and the thing is nuts!! great tone. I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the line BUT!! if it floats your boat then by all means get it. An they do have a great warranty and are built well.:bassist:
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    Apr 3, 2005
    I used the 200 watt 2x10 model which looks about the same but less power and a few less goodies. Great amp and I only sold it to go lighter. It had way more apparent volume than you would think even without an extension cabinet. With a 1x15 added it got really huge. The 400 watt model is even better.

    Look at the new Traynor Dynabass version of that amp. Same amp but different cosmetics and a re-tuned speaker cabinet. It sounds even better than the Yorkville model. The extension cabinets are very good too.

    Up here in Canada we've known about these gems for a long time. Best bang for your buck out there and that "2 years, even if you break it" warranty. They're very reliable too.
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  8. svp


    Mar 12, 2007
    +100 on the Yorkville gear. I just did a deal 4days ago for a XS800h 6 months old for $400.00 and I am getting nothing but compliments on it. In fact I just got off the phone with Yorkville (716-297-2920) because I had a couple of questions and they were great, even asked me the serial# and explained the 2 year warranty was transferable, that I did not even need the original purchase paperwork. All I can say is Yorkville just might be the best kept secret of the bass gear world:hyper:
  9. My combo of choice is the Bassmaster 400T (that's the one I think you used). Alone it's all you need for most gigs. From time to time I've used it with a Hartke 115XL. In this configuration you are running 400 watts into 2x10's and 1x15 and as one might imigine, it rocks.
  10. I used to have a Yorkville rig years ago. It was a 400B combo. Don't know if they still make them like this, but I dropped that amp down a flight of concrete steps on the way to a gig. It still rocked out! Never had a problem with it.
  11. Thanks for all the input guys! As soon as I can get rid of the behemoth Peavey rig, it's Yorkville all the way! :bassist:
  12. You won't regret it. I use the XM200 2x10 combo with the 1x15 ext. cab. The sound is killer and the volume has always been enough for my needs.

    I've also got a XS400 head that I sometimes use with the 1x15 cab but I'm looking/saving for a good 4 ohm cab to get the full 400 watts out of it.

    Like many up here in the great white north I've been using Traynor/Yorkville for years and it's never let me down in either reliability or tone.

  13. pics of the ROD first
  14. Nick Kay

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    Jul 26, 2007
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    Using the XS400 1x15 combo here. Couldn't be happier with it. That thing has some SERIOUS headroom for only putting out 250w without an extension speaker. Still want to get a 2x10 to throw in with it for the extra oomph, though. :D
  15. Here it is. Impressive but a pain in the butt!!

  16. Your like the Schecter's fourstringgirl? I like mine.
  17. That thing looks like it could eat people.

    The Yorkville stuff is nice. Just make sure you turn off the scoop/contour control! That dial is like instant tone suck.
  18. JeffC

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    Mar 8, 2007
    Thats a mean rig, but as a Canadian and Traynor fan I have to give major props to the combo you were checking out.

    I have used the Traynor 400TC (400w 2x10") for a few outdoor gigs and a bunch of practices and it held up like a champ, sounding great the whole time. I have also used the 200TC, 400w head and 8x8" cab, and a '72 YBA-1 head and 2x15" cab at various times. The '72 was a loaner by chance but I was so impressed I stuck with the Traynor name for a while. I have had a chance to play the new Dynabass 200 that launched in october and it is their best yet.

    I currently have an '77 Ampeg V-4B and peavey cab. Just can't beat the vintage Ampeg tube sound, I wouldn't mind a Dynabass 200 as a port-a-rig tho.

    I say go for it, if you have any questions feel free to ask. :bassist:
  19. I like it... the band seems to also
  20. L-O-V-E my Model T's dvh. Actually, I only own the black one now. The Music Man SUB in the middle is hell on wheels too! Half the price of a Stingray! ;) They don't make 'em anymore and you couldn't pry that one away from me.