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  1. Bigwig


    Dec 27, 2003
    hello...i havent been on in a while, but im looking for a new bass amp...a combo, nothing big...well not yet..
    so i was looking into the yorkville bm400...its a 1x15 with 400 watts of power...
    i was just asking, if later on this year..or next, would i be able to hook a 2x10 cabinet up to this to make my rig more powerful?
  2. Hey Bigwig,

    The BM400 is a discontinued product but you can find information at Yorkville:

    Product Description

    The website is under renovations but you should be able to download the owner's manual later. But if I remember correctly, the combo itself doesn't pump out 400 watts. I think it runs at 300 watts and if you hook up a 4 ohm cabinet, you can run the full 400 watts.
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    Jul 21, 2002
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    The BM400 has been upgraded to the following models:

    XS400H (400W @ 4ohm amp head with tube pre and overdrive circuit)

    XS400 (XS400 in combo with 1x15 speaker)

    XS400T (XS400 in combo with 2x10 speakers)

    A used BM400 would be a good deal however, there are still quite a lot of them around.

    300-320 watts at 8 ohms sounds about right for the power rating.