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yorkville combo-cab setup

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by fenderbluesdude, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. i recently tried a yorkville combo i tried the xm100 combo it is 100watts which isnt very mutch! but once i plugged it in i was completly amazed at how loud it was and it was only 100watts!! o yea also i guess i plugged myself into the wrong slot i plugged my passive bass into the active possision so i still didnt even get enuff power but it was still loud! the combo i am now thinking of getting is the xm200 which is 200watts and has a 1x15 speaker, or the xm200t which is also 200watts it just has 2x10inch speakers. i would eventually get a extension. what do you think is the best way to go the xm200 or the xm200t? both combos need to be able to play without a extension cabinet for those smaller gigs. can you also tell me what extension cab would go best with the combo you choose.
  2. hey nice choice on the yorkville i quite like them and i say go with the xm200t and add a 1x15 or a 2x15 later the 2x10 will give you a nice punchy sound well i guess the speaker config depends on the sound you are shooting for so how bout u let us know that first although i would go with the 200t
  3. i play blues like srv blues. so you think the 2x10 could be fine by itself eh?
  4. yah it probably would, those amps have a pretty wide range of different tones but the 2 10s is not going to get the same sound as a 15. so if you have the chance try out both.
  5. my guess is if your playing any type of blues, then you'd probably want a fifteen cuz it gives a more rumpy sound. I personally believe how snappy you want an amp depends on how you EQ your preamp. a 1X15 can get a lot of snap from it if you want it to.
    This week I'm *hopefully* going to go and buy the XM200. Just a question, I'm planning on going to this shack in Jersey, where I live, called "Pianos Plus" and I'm wondering how trusting can I be with small shops compared to Sam Ash stores and Guitar Centers? I have a friend that bought a half stack from a no-name guitar place, and he still has it working fine. It's just that I get a little paranoid about things like the warranty and return policy, because I haven't really made any large purchases. It's either this store, where I can just pay up front $400, or order from Alabama's Gear One or something like that for $350, but by the time shipping tears me apart, I'll be paying practically the same amount. Is there anyone who has any advice on this subject for me?
  6. ok so if i get one of these it will probably be the 1x15 combo the xm200. what do you think would be better a 2x10 extension or a 1x15 extension? would sound good if i put the xm200 combo amp on top of the 2x10? most people would but the lower note making speaker on the bottom so i dont know if it would ruin the sound.
  7. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    I have the XM200T with the 15"extension below it. I think it is a great combination.

    My band plays SRV, RAGM, Hendrix, Pearl jam, Kenny wayne sheperad and various 12-bar blues jams.

    i recently did an outdoor gig at a party on the 4th of july. I was really surprised how well it sounded outside. I had the volume set at 5/6. bass knob at 3o'clock and the scoop knob at 3o'clock the rest of the eq knobs were set flat. we also used a small pa for vocals.

    my gutairist used a FM series Fender amp and had the volume set on 3.
  8. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    he is a pic of my set up
  9. is it really that small for the stack that it is??
  10. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    I'm not sure what you mean........the pic is a little decieving. have you been to the yorkville web site? it will give you the dimensions on both cabs
  11. BUMP, referring to two posts ago, Does anyone know any precautions that I should take going to no-name shops to buy gear?
  12. thats a realy cool stack i must say!! have you ever used the 2x10 by itself at a gig? was it loud enough did it have enough low end? where did you play? and how loud did you have to push it? o yea and did it fart out at all?
  13. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    got this off the yorkville web site

    In Canada and the United States Yorkville offers an "EVEN IF YOU BREAK IT" two year unlimited warranty on most of it's products. This warranty has made us famous. Not only because of the fact that it is one of the few real warranties that protects the consumer rather than the company, but also because it wouldn't be possible for us to offer this warranty if our products broke down!! Rock solid design and construction will guarantee that your unit works when you need it to, but just in case...

    Coverage by the Yorkville two & ten year unlimited warranty is transferable and it is not necessary to register your name. If, for any reason, any product manufactured by Yorkville Sound should fail within two years (ten years on all wooden enclosure elements) of the original purchase date, we will repair it free of charge. This includes speaker products. Simply return the defective unit to your Yorkville dealer with original proof of purchase and it will be repaired free of charge. Freight charges and damages caused as a result of major accidents or natural disasters (such as fire, automobile wrecks, tornadoes, etc.) are excluded from this warranty.

    Yorkville's TX-Series products carry the same full warranty coverage, however, speakers & drivers are only covered against factory defects. Yorkville's YSM Series monitors & Coliseum Mini Series loudspeakers are covered by a two year transferable warranty against manufacturing defects. Traynor 'International Series' guitar and bass amplifiers carry a two year transferable warranty against manufacturing defects.

    This warranty is valid only in Canada or the United States of America. For more information on warranty coverage outside Canada & the United States of America please refer to our Distributor Listing or contact Yorkville Sound - World Headquarters.
  14. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    fenderbluesdude.......i have never gig'ed with the 2x10 alone....i always bring along the 15. but at practices i use it by it self. and it gets the job done. just have to turn it up a bit. If you had PA support the 2x10 is really all you need for stage volume.

    the only time its really sounded bad (and it wasn't even that bad) was right after i bought the G&L L2000 tribute. I had it pluged into the passive input on the amp. And I was messing around the different settings on the active/passive mode on the bass. I went to active on the bass but didn't change into the active input on the amp. it started to sound a little distorted to me, but the guys in the band didn't even notice.
  15. so do you think the 2x10 could handle a gig though inside or outside? when you practice how big is the room and how loud do you have to turn it u8p to?
  16. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    I don't think the 2x10 would cut it outside.

    we usually practice at one of the band members house....so the rooms are average to small rooms i guess. None of us live in mansions. not yet anyway. haha

    as far as volume on the 2x10 at practice. i'll set it on 3or4 and boost the bass knob a little and the scoop knob.

    its a good amp.....a lot of bang for the buck.
  17. I think you'll be happier and better off with the 15" combo rather than with the 2 10" combo. The 10" speakers will give you more punch but the 15" will give you more bottom, which is what you typically are looking for in a blues context. If you add a 15" extension speaker to the combo with a 15" speaker you will be in "big boom" territory!
  18. well on the yorkville website for the xm200 it says that the best mate for it is the xc115x which is the 1x15 cab. if i got the 2x10 to go with the xm200 i would probably put it underneath the 1x15 and i dont know if that would sound so good.
  19. chickbird


    Apr 14, 2003
    fenderbluesdude.....ionote is right if you get he xm200 and the 15" extension.....you will be in boomy territory.

    when i bought mine the dealer had the 2 amps side by side.

    xm200t and xm200. i tried both. and to tell you the truth you could hardly tell the difference. I like the 2-10 just because it sounded a little clearer...not so muddy i guess.

    one other note.....these amps are not actually 200 watts.
    with the combo by itself it probably rated at 160watts.(thats a guess) because it runs at 8ohms. when you add the extension it drops the ohms to 4 and you get probably 180watts. to get the full 200 wats you need to run at 2 ohms which for me i would have to add another 8ohm 15" cab.
  20. actualy i think that the cab alone is 4ohms and yes it is a t 160 something watts and then when you add a another 4ohm speaker it goes down to 200watts, so your saying that that extension 15 speaker is only 8 ohms! why didnt you just get it in 4 ohms?