Yorkville Rig

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  1. For sale:

    Yorkville 400B 400watt Head
    Yorkvile 2x10" Cabinet
    Yorkville 1x15" Cabinet

    I'm in Canada, about 1.5 hours from Toronto - I don't want to ship this stuff.

    Asking $900 Canadian Dollars.


    In great shape!

    Selling because I'm downsizing/upgrading my rig to for university/college school next year.
  2. Umm..

    Pete you sent me an email but I can't reply to it, I get a mailer daemon back saying your address doesn't exist..?

    PM me?
  3. steve-o

    steve-o Guest

    Apr 17, 2002
    i would really like to have this rig....or atleast the cabs..u.s. price with shipping?

  4. For the 2x10"
    Shipping will be approximately 60$ Canadian which is approx $45 USD

    For the 1x15"

    Shipping will be approximately 80$ Canadian which is approx $63 USD

    the head has been sold, but the cabs are still for sale, I'll give them to you for $550 which is approx $420 USD.

    All together, with approximate shipping they'll be around $530 USD.

    And I'd like that to be in a cheque or money order.

    PM me if you are interested
  5. do you still have the 210 cab??? I am in canada now and I will offer $275 for it.

  6. What about that sweet bass eh? ;) Nice rig, Yorkville makes some good stuff.