Yorkville XC808

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  1. americanmade


    Feb 12, 2005
    I am really interested in buying one of these to create my first real gigging rig. I want an old school sound that can make your bowels release and thought this would be a good way to go. Aside from the weight (>100lbs), are there any other concerns I should look at with this cabinet? I was thinking of pairing it with either a Groove Bass head or the Traynor YBA200. Unfortunately, I have not found a place in the Chicagoland area that stocks any of these really. I play fast ska/punk music with running bass lines. I like to slap, but is is NOT a priority as I never use it with the bands I play in. I want a warm sound, but I want it to be versatile and able to cut through a couple of guitarists playing half stacks or large combos. I like ampeg, but think that sound is over-used and not very versatile. GK and SWR is a little sterile for my likeing, but the SWR 350 was nice. If anybody knows a store around Chicago (preferably the Western suburbs) that stocks Traynors and Yorkvilles, please let me know. I was quoted $615 (American) each for Traynor head and XC808. I think that is a fair price for the cab, but I've heard of the head selling for cheaper. I seem to be rambling, so I'll try to bring it all together. I want an old school sound (I play a p-bass or a jazz bass depending on my mood) but I want versatility as well. Is this a good cab to consider? I think I've read enough on here about the heads to know that they are pretty well liked. I'm always open to suggestions, but I want big sound (to compensate for small size elsewhere?) Either way, I'll listen to whatever advice you gus have for me.
    Thanks a lot even just for reading this whole post.
  2. Hawkeye

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    Rev Groove and Turlu have a few threads on these cabs. See if you can find some of their posts.

    I played one briefly with the YBA200, and it sounded pretty balanced top to bottom. I haven't played live with one though, which is the true test.
  3. americanamde,

    I actually have a Traynonr YBA200 paired with my XC808 as a tryout. I love it so much that I really think of buying one, this because I already have a XS800H. It`s so clean Tone, and pure, a tiny bit hi-fi but lots of warmth !!!!

    This head sounds so much better through the XC808 than with the matching cabinet 2X10 and 1X15 !!! It has tons of warmth and I actually had a good overdrive Tone out of it, as well as a good Slap Tone too, so, this is a versatile kit, and I like them that way.
  4. big evil robot

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    Feb 27, 2005
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Tonight I got to play through an old Traynor bassmaster 200 head, (the YBA200's grandfather), through a mesa 2x15 cab. the head sounds amazing, from what I've heard the new ones sound just as good. The only thing I could hope for is more articulation, which I'm sure the 808 would provide, but I'll find out thursday when I go try one out at the store.
  5. americanmade


    Feb 12, 2005
    Well, it sounds like the XC808 would make a pretty unstoppable rig; I still have to decide on a head, though. If anybody in or around the greater Chicagoland area knows where I can try either a YBA200 or Groove Bass, I'd like to hear.