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Yorkville XM200 15" combo - opinions?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by kmikey, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. kmikey


    Jul 17, 2003
    Austin, TX
    yo. i started this thread about the GK 115 backline that got steered in the direction of the Yorkville instead. Since it kind of changed topic, and no one seems to be reading that thread anymore, I thought i'd start a new one...

    Does anyone have any opinions about the Yokville XM200?

    It's only about $30 more than that dumb ol' GK that i've decided i'm not happy with, and it's 200 watts instead of 125... plus, yorkville's nbeen around a looong time and they make good stuff...

    so, any help on the following would rule.

    1) good combo for club gigs?
    2) overall views?
    3) reliability?

    etc. etc. etc...

  2. The people here have turned me towards the same Yorkville too. Id be interested in hearing some insights on it...
  3. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    It is a seriously LOUD combo. It is also very transparent but it loves effects. You may need a SansAmp BDDI to make it sound more dirty if you don't like transparent tone. But it is very loud for 200 watts.
  4. kmikey


    Jul 17, 2003
    Austin, TX
    IAMERICCOCHRANE, is there a thread somewhere where people have discussed this amp? post the link to that thread if there is! :)

    Ox, what do you mean "transparent?" thick, thin? or just a very accurate representation of the sound of your bass without shaping it one way or another?
  5. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    I mean it doesn't color the sound of your bass. They're even more transparent than GK.
  6. kmikey


    Jul 17, 2003
    Austin, TX
    does it give a good full sound without being muddy?
  7. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    Depends on what bass you use and how good your technique is. Bad technique=bad tone. bad bass=bad tone. Effects can remedy these things tho. ;)
  8. kmikey


    Jul 17, 2003
    Austin, TX

    i did a search on the forum, and i noticed that you seem to be a big advocate of the yorkville stuff. espcially this particular little amp.

    any hidden reason why? you a sales rep for yorkville or something? ;)

    seriously though. I'm a light to the touch player until I'm soloing, and I use some pretty nice instruments. technique? what's that? just kidding. I've been playing for 17 years and I'm maturing everyday...

    (is it okay to say that about myself without sounding conceited?)
  9. E.O.M.


    Dec 7, 2001
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I own and use the Yorkville BM400 combo, which is also a 15", only 400 watts.

    I would describe it as very transparent, as mentioned. I have also heard them described as "bass PA's," which is fairly accurate. This was part of the reason I got it, because I use it for both electric and upright, and uprights need a fairly uncolored amp. If I feel the electric needs more growl, I just whip old the Sansamp BDDI and bingo.
  10. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    I tried one and now i'm getting one for christmas, unless I get the fender bassman 135 at my local guitar center.
  11. brianrost

    brianrost Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    Yorkville used to make amps under the Traynor name. I've owned two Traynor combo amps in the past and they were great workhorses. I have used an XM200 on a gig once (it was the supplied amp at a festival) and found it to be a good sounding combo.

    The biggest advantage of Yorkville/Traynor stuff (in the USA anyway) is it's not real popular so you can great deals on them.

    The volume diff between 125 and 200 watts is NOT very large so don't go expecting a huge jump in max volume. I always advise going to FOUR times the power (in your case 4-500 watts) to get a significant volume increase.
  12. My XM200 is my one and only amp. So far, I'm happy with it. Sounds great, lots of bottom. If you want more power, you can add an extension cab. The built-in DI is also a blessing.

    The SansAmp BDDI idea sounds interesting, too, since I'm a growl addict. Anyone could tell me how much $$$ those things are? Any links?
  13. Wes Whitmore

    Wes Whitmore

    Mar 10, 2003
    Columbus, OH
    The are $189 new at GC. Here is a link:


    I hope it works.

    About the sansamp. I love mine. I got it when I wanted all pedals, but I have the rack mount version coming in for christmas. I wouldn't leave home without this. In fact, this is all some people use. I don't spend much time tweaking on it, but you can get a fair amount of drive in it. It really adds a sense of depth, more than anything else for me.
  14. My first amp was a Yorkville BLOC80B. fine little amp. not enough volume for me, though. now I've got a BM200T. the older blue carpeted one with two tens and a tweeter. I think it's a great amp, but i do plan to add a 1x15 to it soon. without an extension cabinet, it only runs at 150W...... i think yorkville's really underrated, but it works out well, because their stuff is high quality, but inexpensive.
  15. Me too! Well, my first real amp, after I'd blown that wimpy little 15 watt guitar amp! :p
  16. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    Did it look something like this?

    :cool: :D
  17. LMAO! Wow! That was not quite as... flamboyant! What was happenin' there? A sacrifice to the Gods Of Bass? :D
  18. Ordered the XM200 and am waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow, but we can only dream:rolleyes:. It sounds like it was a good buy. Hurrah

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