Yorkville XS400H v Eden WT400 ((USED))

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  1. Used eden, used yorkie, I can try them both, however with different totally basses and different 2x10's.

    Hypothetically though, which should have a warmer rounder tone? How about punch? I need it for instrumental punk, and acoustic sets. To go with a bongo or a p-bass.

    Also, anything inparticular I should be looking for while trying these used heads? How should I test them for problems or defects?
  2. well, the xs400h has an all tube preamp, so i'm assuming that would make a warm sound
  3. Turlu

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    Sep 11, 2000
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    The WT400 also has a tube preamp if I am not wrong. There is no competition between the Yorkie XS400H and the WT-400, and the EDEN is the great winner for a superb hi-fi, punchy and defined Tone. Very clean Amp I should say.
  4. Man....if you dont want the eden..i will gladly take over!!!!!! :)
  5. i guess if i decide against it I can talk to the guy about shipping it to ontario if your really interested/.
  6. i also kinda like the vintage tone.... full and round almost ampeg tubeish.
  7. big evil robot

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    Feb 27, 2005
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    The eden would be very clear, very clean, I guess hi-fi is the right word for it. I really like eden amps, I especially like their smaller amps, I found I like the tone much better one the 330 and 400 as compared to the bigger 600 or 800.

    The yorkville amps are GREAT for a punk sound, you can get a lot of tube mush and crunch out of the pre-amp. And the SS power section is extremely loud.

    I think it would really come down to try both out and seeing what you prefer.
    I think either is a great head, so I doubt you'll be dissappointed either way.