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  1. I'm curious. I now know that the difference between a 1x15 and a 4x10 being that one is lower and the other, more versatile. But I am curious, Would two 4x10 sound simliar, if not the same as an 8x10? Or would they just be like two 4x10? Also in general, as the speaker size and number of speaker size decrease, does the volume and tone change, or does it vary depending on maker and model?

    any help would be appreciated
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    Jul 11, 2001
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    I would say just read the forums that are here, do some searching on specific topics . . . there is damnear everything you need to know right here in this website, you just have to look . . .

    as for your question, thats hard to say cuz there's huge differences between 4x10 cabinets. e.g. take a 200 watt crate 410 and stack it with an Acme low-B4, and you wont hear the crate at all . . . but then again two crates would be better than one . . . I'm still fairly new to this stuff too, but basstalk is great for learning about gear.

    crazy jive turkeys hmm . . . I think I saw them open up for blue oyster cult :D
  3. Crates make me want to build ships.

    (Note: that's slang for "They make me want to build boats")