You know it's Last call When...

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    We're done with our set, nearly dead all night, a few hangers on finishing their brews. But there's at least one of 'em: "YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" This lone "fan" is all over us. Heck, we play John Cougar covers! Classic rock.

    Our lead singer's got a CD he made. The songs are O.K. I suppose, but the production value is poor. But he's selling these discs, and the one "fan"(?) wants us all to autograph one for her. I am nowhere on that disc, so I sign it: Richard Milhous Nixon.
    Why? It's late and Nixon had about as much to do with the disc as I did.

    Just ranting.
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    I can't think of any better way to handle the situation. Great job!
  3. You know it's last call when it dawns on you that your toothless, one-eyed peg-legged waitress is the most beautiful woman in the world(apologies to Larry Miller).