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You know you're a music geek when...

Discussion in 'Bass Humor [DB]' started by Marc Piane, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Marc Piane

    Marc Piane

    Jun 14, 2004
    ...you get this joke

    So, three notes walk into a bar -- a G, an Eb, and a C.

    The bartender looks up and says "We don't serve minors."

    So the Eb leaves and the other two have a fifth between them.
    After a few drinks, the G was out flat, and the experience was

    Eventually, the C sobers up, sees one of his friends missing,
    the other one passed out, and realizes to his horror that he's under
    a rest.

    C was brought to trial, found guilty and convicted of
    contributing to the diminution of a minor and was sentenced to 10
    years of DS without Coda at the Paul Williams/Neil Sedaka
    Correctional Facility.
  2. FractalUniverse

    FractalUniverse Guest

    Jan 26, 2002
    Valparaíso, Chile
    oh! i'm so much a geek! :D :hyper:
  3. Tree


    Apr 14, 2005
    wow! thats awesome! :D
  4. Great joke. Very clever.
  5. D McCartney

    D McCartney crosswind downwind bass

    Aug 1, 2005
    Tacoma WA

    Man, those keys were hammered! :)

  6. ENCORE!