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Young Band Playing First Ever Battle of The Bands

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by RDY2RMBL, Jun 8, 2007.



    Feb 8, 2007
    My band (Me, guitarist, drums, and a keyboardist/vocalist), is going to be playing our first ever real gig. I read some tips in another thread and found them extremely helpful, but I hada couple questions.

    1. Supposedly we are opening, and everyone is supposed to use there own equipment. So my guess is that it's going to take awhile to get sound and levels all hunky-dory. We don't have PA support. Its a pretty ghetto setup, I think we have at least lighting, and as many electric outlets as anyone could want. We don't even nessacarily have a sound guy. So how do we check levels? have someone stand in the back and say when they can hear everything good?

    2. We are doing two originals and 3 covers (and we have several jams/concepts and other covers we could do). My friend who is setting this up told me to plan on having thirty minutes of stage time. I guess there should be 4 other bands besides us, and 3 hours of concert. One of my other friends told me to leave 10 minutes for setting stuff up for each song and mishaps. Is this what bands usually do?

    We've only played for a couple people (not if you count the entire neighborhood that heard us) out of a garage. This was without the singer/keyboardist, so we were just doing instrumentals. I've never been to a battle of the bands before, but my guess is we're the youngest people there. I'm 17, and we are playing on a college campus. I hope we do well, everyones real nervous. All my friends chould show up though, a lot of them said they would help.
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