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    Dec 6, 2014
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    Hey guys. New to the forum and new to bass. I've been a closet bass player for many years. Most of my professional playing life has been on saxophone and guitar. I did the whole wedding/party band thing for a long time. Took a break after getting burned out and having a daughter. Looking to get back into it again but this time I will be putting a group together and running it. I've seen the slow death over the years of the horn sections so I am reinventing myself as a bass player. It's been lots of fun. I have twenty years of cover band music in my head on saxophone but have had to go back and pick them all up on bass. Loving it.

    I've read many great threads on material to play and have a pretty good master list running. What I haven't seen a bunch of is actual set lists that are used on the gig. I always just showed up and played so it is different now to think about the set lists and choices. If you don't mind sharing, what lists work well for you?
    Again, a cover/wedding/party band. Club and private function lists greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Older than dirt ;)
    This is the list from the last gig my old band played:

    All Shook Up
    Break-Up Song
    Bad Case of Loving' You
    Gimme 3 Steps
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Dancing With Myself
    It's Not Unusual
    Super Freak
    Get Ready
    Hurts So Good
    Follow You Down
    Burning Love
    Hold On Loosely
    Mony, Mony
    Accidentally In Love
    I'm a Believer
    All For You
    Can't Help Falling In Love
    She's a Lady
    Rock and Roll All Night
    Little Sister
    Wrap It Up
    3 A.M.
    Better Now
    R.O.C.K. in the USA
    Bright Lights
    This Love
    What I Like About You
    Jailhouse Rock
    Secret Agent Man

    We lost our singer so we are out of commission until we find a new one. The old singer sounded like Elvis, so the list was tailored for his vocal range. I am actually starting in another band with a singer with a different vocal range so I don't think we will use any of these songs. It really hinges on what the singer can sing well.
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    Feb 6, 2002
    Gina’s Soul Party Halloween 10/31/14!

    Set One!

    1.Tighten Up!

    2.Booty City!

    3.Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg!



    6.When I Come Home!

    7.I’ve Got To Use My Imagination!

    8.I Wish!

    9.Use Me!

    10.Blow Your Mind!

    11.Cut The Cake!

    12.How Do I Let A Good Man Down!


    14.People Pleaser!

    15.Tighten Up (Short Version)


    GSP Halloween 10/31/14 Set Two!

    1.Tighten Up (Short Version)!

    2.Heard It Through The Grapevine!

    3.Soul Man!

    4.Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

    5.Chain Of Fools!

    6.Feel It In Your Soul!

    7.In The Midnight Hour!


    9.Cissy Strut!

    10.Standing On Shakey Ground!

    11.Stone Me!

    12.Son Of A Preacher Man!

    13.Diggin On James Brown!

    14.I Got You!

    15.Brick House!

    16.Nobody’s Baby!

    17.What Is Hip!

    18.Tighten Up (Short Version)



    Gina’s Soul Party Halloween 10/31/14!

    Set Three!

    1.Tighten Up (Long Version)!

    2.Knock On Wood!

    3.Love Has Something Else To Say!

    4.People People!

    5.Long Black Road!

    6.Down To The Nightclub!

    7.I Can’t Stand The Rain!

    8.Proud Mary!

    9.Mr. Big Stuff!

    10.Right Time Wrong Place!

    11.This Corrosion!

    12.Dancing In The Street
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    Feb 6, 2002
    Don't ask me why there are exclamation points. I copy and pasted from a PDF.
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    Apr 12, 2005
    Charlottesville, VA
    You can check out songlists for a lot of event bands working the mid-Atlantic coast at booking agencies. (For example, EastCoast, Sam Hill, and Elan Artists.) IME, it's generally DJ Top 200 stuff: event band standards plus the biggest dance hits from the last decade or so. Being able to also offer jazz sets really pads the paycheck. And it looks like you'd be on the Carolinas wedding circuit, so some shag/beach music is worth having ready.

    BTW, if you could play some keys in addition to sax and guitar, I'd expect your market value would be highest as a utility player.
  6. Sharp5


    Dec 6, 2014
    Eastern NC
    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Saw a lot of things I forgot I've played.

    Derrico1- Your probably right. I do play a little keys but am looking to settle more on one thing. I had to do all that to be more marketable as a sax player in this day and age but am a little tired of all the switching. Kind of want to just worry about the pocket. Where I'm at bass players are hard to find as well.

    Thanks again for the replies. I meet up with some guys this weekend and hope to get something off the ground. Keep them coming!
  7. derrico1

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Charlottesville, VA
    On bass, you'll be the guy who keeps the pretty ladies dancing all night. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. jp58


    Dec 9, 2009
    Our set for New Year's is for a benefit, and we've only got about a half hour there. There's a few other bands playing, all of us have a song or two that we were requested to play. There's a few breaks in the action to bring up silent auction items, etc. Should be a lot of folks our age, and around our parents age, so we tried to tailor it to songs that both age groups would know fairly well. We're playing the break between another band's first and second set, and basically just covering the time the silent acution winds down and gets tallied up. And we get fed.

    Song 2

    Next Girl

    Are You Gonna be my Girl

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Sweet Home Alabama (Hard stop after ~10 sec for guitarist/lead singer to "Oops! forgot how to play one." Gives us a chance to talk about benefit while he noodles and hopefully gets a laugh)

    Everlong (At request of the family that the benefit is for)

    Rambling Man

    About a Girl (only if there is time)

    Stairway intro into Little Black Submarines
  9. Munjibunga

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    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    This is from my acoustic trio. We play easy listening pop, mostly for private parties and a few pubs and coffee shops. We have about 30 more songs we can draw from.

    SET 1
    I Am a Child
    Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    You Ain’t Going Nowhere
    A Pirate Looks At Forty
    Don't Say Goodbye
    Mystic Highway
    Teach Your Children
    A Walk in the Irish Rain
    There Goes My Heart
    The Fireman
    Upside Down
    Up On Cripple Creek
    Sister Golden Hair
    You’re Still the One
    Nowhere Man

    SET 2
    Take it Easy
    Who'll Stop the Rain
    The Walk
    Groovin’ Medley
    The Weight
    Sail Away
    Tin Man
    Tequila Sunrise
    Have You Ever Seen the Rain
    Doctor My Eyes
    South City Midnight Lady
    Just Remember I Love You

    SET 3
    Stand by Me
    Third Rate Romance
    You and Tequila
    The Sky Is Falling
    Harvest Moon
    All My Loving
    Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues
    Slip Slidin' Away
    Peaceful Easy Feeling
    Sunny Afternoon
    What a Crying Shame
    Danny’s Song

    This is from a country band I was in for a brief period before it dissolved. I was invited back when it re-formed but declined.

    SET 1
    Stay Here and Drink
    Party Crowd
    Getting You Home
    Smoke Rings In the Dark
    Here’s A Quarter
    Out Last Night
    Am I the Only One
    I Like It I Love It
    Workin’ Man Blues
    Wonderful Tonight
    She's So California
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Bar Light
    Guitars, Cadillacs, etc.
    Born to Boogie
    Georgia on a Fast Train
    Country Girl Shake It
    Drinking Dark Whiskey
    Watermelon Crawl
    Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
    Liza Jane
    It Ain’t the Whiskey

    SET 2
    That’s Alright Mama
    Bubba Hyde
    Neon Moon
    Little Less Talk
    Fast As You
    Tulsa Time
    Cadillac Ranch
    Little Sister
    Blame the Vain
    Till My Last Day
    Pink Cadillac
    Right Where I Need To Be
    Mustang Sally
    Pride and Joy
    Keep Your Hands to Yourself
    Five Dollar Fine
    Amarillo By Morning
    Walk Softly
    Past The Point of Rescue
    Reggae Cowboy
    Honky Tonk Women
    Call Me the Breeze
    Copperhead Road

    SET 3
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Fishing In the Dark
    Let Me Down Easy
    Lot of Leaving Left to Do
    Just Call Me Lonesome
    Killing Time
    Folsum Prison
    Bad Things to You
    Playing the Part
    High Cost Of Living
    One More Goodbye
    Fat Bottom Girls
    Boys from Oklahoma
    Oklahoma Breakdown
    Gimme Three Steps
    Dumas Walker
    Boy Named Sue
    Alright Guy
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Got A Quarter In My Pocket
    Take A Little Ride
    Man To Man
    Big Green Tractor

    This is from a classic rock band I left last year:

    SET 1
    Summer Of '69
    Good Thing
    Blues Is My Business
    Listen to the Music
    You May Be Right
    At Last
    Dancing in the Dark
    Little By Little
    Black Magic Woman
    Slow Down
    I’d Walk 500 Miles

    SET 2
    Hit Me with Your Best Shot
    Great Balls Of Fire
    Something's Got a Hold on Me
    Wake Me Up
    R.O.C.K. in the USA
    Long Train Running
    Bring It Home To Me
    Right as Rain
    Jump, Jive & Wail
    Tearing Us Apart

    SET 3
    Middle of the Road
    You Wreck Me
    Wild Night
    No Woman No Cry
    Hold On
    To Love Somebody
    It’s My Life
    Wild Wild Life
    Because the Night
    Can’t Buy Me Love
    I Saw Her Standing There

    Here's a set list from a New Orleans band I play in once a year:

    SET 1
    Take Me in Your Arms
    You Wreck Me
    Smoking Gun
    La Grange
    Cold Shot
    Some Kind Of Wonderful
    I’m Tore Down
    Born on the Bayou
    Cissy Strut
    Tighten Up

    SET 2
    Can’t You Hear Me Knockin'
    Knock on Wood
    Sunshine of Your Love
    You Don’t Love Me
    Walking to New Orleans
    I’m So Glad
    Seventh Son
    Slip Away
    Cold, Cold, Cold
    I Been Hoodood
    I Thank You

    SET 3
    Ballad of John and Yoko
    Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
    All Right Now
    Blue Money
    Running Down A Dream
    If I Don’t Be There By Morning
    Mama Roux
    Mess Up A Good Thing
    All She Wants To Do Is Dance
    Solar Sex Panel
    Chest Fever
    Blue Jean Blues

    Here's a list from the Mormon band I play in for a couple shows every year. This is a vocal group with back-up band that plays at church social events. (I'm not Mormon - don't ask.)

    SET 1
    Old Time Rock & Roll
    Johnny B. Goode
    Everybody Get Together
    I Get Around
    In My Room
    California Girls
    Fun Fun Fun
    Yakkety Yak

    SET 2
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Can’t Help Falling In Love
    Hound Dog
    Born To Be Wild
    Love Shack

    SET 3
    Your Mama Don’t Dance
    At Last
    Yellow Submarine
    She Loves You
    I Want To Hold Your Hand
    If I Fell
    Come Together
    Let it Be
    Juke Box Hero
    Hey Jude

    Here's a list from a blues band I play in occasionally. There are several originals in this one.

    SET 1
    Walkin' Shoes
    Born In Chicago
    Tore Down
    Hoochi Coochi Man
    Cold Shot
    Messin' With The Kid
    Feelin' Alright
    Key To The Highway
    Little Red Rooster
    Whippin' Post
    Cross Cut Saw

    SET 2
    Tell Me Why
    Use Me (Funky!!)
    Gotta Find My Baby
    All Along The Watchtower
    The Thrill Is Gone
    After Midnight
    Spill The Wine
    Bring It On Home To Me
    Got My Mojo Workin'
    One Way Out

    One More Last Chance
    Live The Life I Love
    Ain't No Sunshine (Funky!!)
    Last Will & Testament
    You Are So Beautiful
    Cat Walkin’
    Didn't Mean To Hurt You
    Hit Me Like A Lead Brick
    Thank God I'm Not A Woman
    Trash Talkin' Woman

    I have more lists from previous bands if you want them.
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    Dec 6, 2014
    Eastern NC
    Thanks for taking the time to put that!
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