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your custom bass

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by moxnix9, May 9, 2002.

  1. maybe this a stupid thread but I wanted to know if you grew up and became a bassist of a well known band what would your custom bass be like?Mine would be a Fender P-Bass alder body--white blonde, dark green, and dark blue--with a humbucking pickup and a jazz bass pickup with 2 volume knobs.Your porbably thinking stupid which is fine i dont really care but tell me what you want...
  2. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    I'm making mine in a few weeks!

    5 string
    24 fret+zero fret
    35" scale
    Neck through
    Pau Ferro fretboard
    Paduak/Mahogony body
    Single Soapbar style P pickup
    3 band Active/Passive EQ
    On/off switch (no wimpy volume knobs for me!)
    ABM (Maybe Khaler) bridge
    Hipshot Ulralite tuners

    I don't know the neck woods, I'm working on that...looks like it'll be Ovankol and something else, maybe Bubinga...
  3. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Well the construction of my custom bass will begin in the coming month.

    The specs are:
    -Dingwall Prima Series
    -Novax Fanned Frets
    -Crotch walnut top and back with flamed maple accent layer
    -Walnut/alder body core
    -3 piece maple neck
    -pau ferro or wenge fretboard
    -24 frets
    -Dingwall pickups with (hopefully) matching wood covers
    -Bartolini 18V NTMB preamp with Dingwall BluEQube circuit
    -matching wood knobs

    That's tentative though. I am still hammering out the final details with Sheldon. Lots of fun and lots of decisions.

    Should have her in about 3-4 months (I hope).

  4. dude did u say crotch? hehe:D
  5. -p-bass style body (swamp ash w/ amber tinted stain)
    -Pearl pickguard
    -MM style humbucker at bridge
    -SD 1/4 lb at neck
    - 4 string p neck
    -rosewood fret board
    -jumbo frets
    -star markers

    not so complicated maybe it will be mine in a year or so
  6. Pea-NUT


    Jul 1, 2001
    Jerseyville, IL
    My custom bass if i was in a successful band....
    A regular 4 string EB/MM Stringray
    No pickguard, and the slot for the pickup a little smaller.
    Maple board/neck
    Colors are Dark Blue and anyother color as long as its black.
    Matching headstock
    Black hardware on the blue one
    Gold on the black one

    Thats my dream, may it be ugly, who cares...dont buy it.
  7. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    well, i'm not grown up yet, and nobody knows about my band, but i've got 9 (and soon 10) custom basses built specifically to my specs. here, check em out...

  8. JayAmel

    JayAmel Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2002
    Carcassonne, France
    BTW John, what are the essential differences between all of them ?

    All the best,
  9. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Mine won't be a custom, it will be off the rack.

    Here's a picture of it.

  10. Is that Basslab?

    Any way, heres mine

    1) 4 string neck through, maple and walnut neck
    Claro Walnut body wings.

    P and MM pups, passive.

    Simple, but good.

    2) 4 string fretless bolt on.
    Alder or ash body. Spalted maple top.
    P & MM pups, passive.

    This is the one I'm building.
  11. I've had mine built already.

  12. cap


    Aug 8, 2001
    Hickam Hawaii
    :eek: Holy poop on a stick:eek:

    :) That is the definiton of beauty!
  13. I too already had mine built.
    here's the specs

    5 string
    35" scale
    no inlays (side markers only)
    black schaller M4 tuners
    black schaller wide spaced bridge
    dunlop straplocks
    bartolini quad coil pickups
    neck pup # 1 config.(P-bass,humbucking, rev. P)
    bridge pup # 6 config.(series, lower coils, parellel)
    2 band bartolini NTMB EQ preamp
    5 piece neck (maple/thin walnut/maple/ thin walnut/maple)
    dual carbon fiber reiforcement rods
    Pau Ferro fretboard 24 frets
    standard body, full zebrawood top over ash
    standard headstock
    zebrawood overlay on headstock
    tung oil finish

  14. Vadim 4 string
    -wenge body
    -Oak back
    -active pickups
    -midi, volume, pan, bass and treble nobs
    -not sure the neck woods
    -24 frets
    yeah... dont know colours though...
  15. I think I'll take what embellisher wants too!
  16. Prague77


    Aug 20, 2001
    Waco, TX

    4 string
    spalted maple top
    mahoganay rear.
    5 peice wenge and birdseye maple neckthrough neck.
    headstock laminated with spalted maple
    purpleheart fretboard.
    blue led fret lights
    custom unicursal hexagram inlay on the 12th fret. string through body.
    slanted seymour duncan jazz pickup
    seymour duncan musicman pickup with 3 way selector switch
    on/off switch
    active/passive switch
    aguiliar obp-1 pre amp with wired in passive tone knob
    hipshot bridge
    hipshot bass extender on the e
    neutrik locking input jack
  17. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Yep. I think that Basslab has created the perfect bass, and that is it! I want that so bad! Maybe someday, after the kids grow up.
  18. malthumb


    Mar 25, 2001
    The Motor City
    Alembic 5 string Series II
    Coco Bolo top & back
    Mahogany core
    Maple accent layers
    7 piece maple & purpleheart neck
    Amber Side LEDs
    Continuous wood backplates
    Gold Mother of Pearl Inlays


    And I'd add:

    a stereo / mono toggle switch
    an inlayed abalone & Mother of Pearl headstock logo
    change the "Point" to a "Heart Omega"
    add a cool fretboard custom inlay job, like a Pegasus or a Unicorn

    That's 'bout it I guess.


  19. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Got it :)


    umm...2 volume knobs! [​IMG]
  20. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    well, the short answer is that they all have either different preamps, different pickups, or different tunings, or, in the case of my 8 strings, are the fretted and fretless versions of one another, otherwise identical.

    in this pic...


    the general layout of the basses, from left to right, are...

    1. fretted, tuned f#-b-e-a-d-g-c, lane poor pickups, demeter on board preamp, piezos to a 7 pin out, neck through

    2. doubleneck fretted/fretless, tuned b-e-a-d-g-b-e, lane poor pickups, seymour duncan 3 band basslines preamp, bolt on.

    3. 8 string fretless, tuned f#-b-e-a-d-g-b-e, custom seymour duncan pickup, custom bart and conklin electronics, rmc synth/piezo, 13-pin synth out, neck through. my 8 string fretted is pretty much the same setup only fretted and different woods...


    4. black with gold sparkles, fretted, tuned b-e-a-d-g-b-e, bart single coil pickups and electronics, rmc synth/piezo bridge, 13 pin out, bolt on, hollowbody. my wife bought me a white version of this bass, fretless, as a wedding present.

    5. fretless, my first conklin(sn #16), tuned b-e-a-d-g-b-e, bart humbucker pickups, piezo bridge, 7 pin out, bart electronics, neck through.

    6. fretless, tuned b-e-a-d-g-b-e, lane poor pickups, seymour duncan preamp, bolt on.

    7. fretted (sn#6) tuned e-a-d-g-c-e-a, seymour duncan soapbars, demeter on board preamp, neck through. sounds like a p-bass on steroids

    8. fretted tuned b-e-a-d-g-b-e, bart pickups and electronics, piezos (no seperate out) neck through.

    #'s 1, 2 and 5 will all be retrofitted with rmc synth/piezo outputs like the hollowbodies and the 8 strings. hopefully i will be getting the double neck outfitted that way this summer some time, and then the other two soon thereafter.

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