Your expirence with steel reinforcment bars in you neck ( Bass that is)

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    Just wanted to see what you guys think, I have a Carvin LB75P comming and it has graphite reinforcment and i dont belive i have played a reinforced neck. Warmoth thinks very highly of using this method of building necks from what i remember it is supposed to prevent dead spots.
  2. Hey, Major, what's up?

    It just so happens that my Ibanez Musician has two metal bars of unequal length on either side of the truss rod, supposedly to eliminate dead spots. I don't know if this strengthens the neck at all, but, this bass has no dead spots whatsoever.

    Ibanez marketed this as their TR feature.(tuned response)

    I even have a Bass Player magazine from 1978 at home that has one of those Ibanez ads in it.

    Scary, huh?

    Good luck with the Carvin.

    Mike ;)

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    Thanks Mike
    Hows the Jack bass doing with the change in our NY weather, I am going to be in Jamacia on saturday afternoon if you would like to Jam a littel or get some Lunch.
  4. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

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    Downright spooky, seeing how Bass Player magazine wasn't even published in 1978.
  5. Hmm...:confused:

    I'll have to check it tonight when I get home. I know it has an advertisement for the bass I own on the back cover.

    I'll let you know tomorrow, Eric.

    Mike :)
  6. AND...............................................


    I have the magazine right in front of me as I write this, and it's the July 1979 issue of Guitar Player! :oops:

    I guess I got it confused with Bass Player, because back then it also included bass articles and advertising.

    Inside the front cover is an ad for my beloved Musician. I haven't looked at this in a few years - mind blowing. Inside the back cover is an ad for a Music Man Sabre !:eek:

    One of these days I'll see if I can get access to a scanner; all you memebers will freak out when you see all the old ads. On page 99 there's an ad for the Gibson RD artist, both the guitar and the bass!

    Good call, Eric. :)


    Major, I should be sent to bed with no supper; I haven't opened my Jack's case in a couple of months. I've been playing my fretless EDA lately.

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    Mike hows saturday, is that lined or unlined fretless, either way enjoy:)