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Your favorite athletes?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by John K., Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Who are your favorite athletes? Any sport, it doesn't matter. I'll accept past and present athletes. I'll start off.


    • Michael Jordan
    • Allen Iverson
    • Tracy McGrady
    • Kobe Bryant
    • Wilt Chamberlain
    • Julius Erving
    • Larry Bird


    • Edgar Martinez
    • Ichiro Suzuki
    • Hank Aaron
    • Randy Johnson
    • Nolan Ryan
    • Pedro Martinez


    • Emmitt Smith
    • Troy Aikman
    • Brett Favre
    • Walter Payton
    • Jerry Rice
  2. Bob Clayton

    Bob Clayton Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2001
    Philly Suburbs
    i think we should include why too...

    Fav Athlete:
    Ken Griffey Jr. - aside from his talent, all the stuff he did for fans, "Griffey's Wish List"....and the fact that he seems to be a good loving father...

  3. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    John Rocker, Dennis Rodman, Vernon Maxwell, Charles Barkley...oh wait...wrong thread.

    brad cook
  4. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    Fer real...I'd have to say the most stand-up guy out there in the world of sports has to be David Robinson. The guy is UNREAL in what he does for his community. Takes lots of time to mentor children. 9 million dollars of HIS OWN MONEY to start an academy for underprivileged kids. An academy that he spends time at regularly.

    Stand-up guy all around. Having said that though I don't think I can say he's my favorite athlete simply because I'm a big Rockets fan. :D

    So - Stevie Francis, Yao Ming, Cuttino Mobley, Moochie Norris, Mo Taylor... (had to take Eddie Griffin off for marijuana bust :( ), Hakeem Olajuwan, Clyde Drexler, Sam Cassell, Mario Elie, Moses Malone, Shandon Anderson, Matt Bullard, Kevin Willis, and on and on.... Pretty much if they play or played for the Rockets they are my favorite...with the exception of Barkley, Vernon Maxwell and Calvin Murphy. :)

    brad cook
  5. Okay... here's why I like those top guys of my lists.

    Michael Jordan - 'Nuff said. I've been watching him since I was born. He entered the NBA in '87 and I was brought up basically watching him play just about every game. He is the man, and the amount of publicity he brought to basketball was one that I doubt anyone could ever match again. Not to mention he was the greatest basketball player ever, creating foundations, and producing some of the best selling products ever in his Air Jordan shoes. At age 40, he still can handle the new rookies coming into the league and teaching them a thing or two. He did it all, and I miss him already.

    Edgar Martinez - Although he isn't the most dominating hitter ever, he is one of the most consistant of all the greats. He constantly hits over .300 nearly every year and he produces when he is needed. He's not getting any younger, but he just seems to be hitting as well, if not better, than a few years ago.

    Emmitt Smith - Every time the Cowboys played Detroit, I'd just love watching two of the greatest running backs ever drive right through the defenses and break ankles. Emmitt is my pick over Barry Sanders just cause the Cowboys were my favorite team.
  6. I can't believe I forgot about David Robinson. I heard that story about him actually showing up to some of his "kids" graduation. Him showing up in person to see some of the successful students of his foundation graduate is just something. Very good guy.
  7. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
    The Abyss
    Mine is Alan Page, formerly #88 of the Minn. Vikings. One heck of a player and became a Judge as well. Very smart man.

  8. Gard


    Mar 31, 2000
    WInter Garden, FL
    Easy: Walter Payton

    Class act as a person, easily one of the best ever on the field.
  9. Professor X

    Professor X Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2002
    On The Prairie
    Manute Bol...

    Anyone who has killed a lion with his bare hands and could slam standing on the ground is OK in my book :D
  10. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    My fav athlete ever, well ex-athlete at this point, has to be Finnish Mr. Seppo Raty, who quit after a long career in javelin few years ago.

    He's a legendary guy not only for winning several olympic and world championship medals, but also for his behaviour. He didn't like press very much, so when asked "How are you going to train for the coming olympics, Seppo?" he would answer "Well what do you think, moron? I'm gonna throw the f*ing spear!" or something similar :D :D In fact, there's a long list of Raty-comments somewhere over the internet.
  11. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    First and formost: Lance Armstrong - According to doctors, this man was supposed to be dead! He is a BADASS!

    Football: Everson Walls - former Cowboy safety
    Walter Payton
    Kenneth Easley - former Seahawk cornerback
    Alan Page - former Viking DT and current state Supreme Court Judge
    Deion Sander
    Emmitt Smith
    Mike Vick

    Baseball: Ozzie Smith
    A Rod
    Ichiro Suzuki
    John Smotlz
    Aundrew Jones
    Barry Bonds
    Hank Aaron

    Basketball: Jordan
    Kobe Bryant
    Tracy McGrady
    Penny Hardaway
    Tim Duncan
    David Robinson (Mostly for his off the court stuff)
    Steve Francis
    Dr. J
    Dominique Wilkins
    Pistol Pete

    Hockey: The Dominator
    Teemu Selani
    Anson Carter
    Donald Brasheir (sp?)
    Cam Neely
    Anyone who plays for the San Jose Sharks
  12. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    Oh yeah, I forgot about him!! He should be up there just for the amount of crap that he takes from the foreign press during and around Tour de France time. Some of the French biking fans and reporters are ruthless in attempts to discredit him.

    brad cook
  13. TxBass


    Jul 3, 2002
    Frisco, Texas
    definately Lance, for the reasons already given...and from my favorite sport(Hockey): Super Mario, for very similar reasons.
  14. Whoa, I can't believe I forgot him.
  15. ConU


    Mar 5, 2003
    La Belle Province
    Anna Kournikova....You guys scare me:bassist:
  16. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    Oh...did he say "favorite porn star?" Because I thought he said "favorite athlete!" Boy do I feel stupid!

    brad cook
  17. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    Max Schmeling [boxing]

    Fritz Walter [soccer]
  18. The Green Bay Packers!
  19. She'd be hotter if she won once in a while. :meh:
  20. +100

    Hoo yeah!