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Your Favorite EUB?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by MtnGoat, May 10, 2001.

  1. MtnGoat


    May 7, 2000
    I've been thinking about liquidating the 3/4 Englehardt upright I have and buying an EUB. What are your favorites for playability and pizz sound?

  2. For the tone, it depends on what music you'll play.
    An old Ampeg Baby Bass may be the best for cuban/salsa music but not for straight jazz. You see the picture.
    I can only compare the three EUB I've owned and played:
    old Ampeg BB
    Azola BugBass (basic)
    Carruthers SUB-1

    Of the three, the Carruthers satisfies me the most. It has the most acoustic-like tone.
    It has been reviewed twice in Bass Player in the past years.
  3. I have an Aria SWB-4, and I use it for latin, jazz, and country/blues/rock n roll. It does'nt play as nice as my acoustic (a 3/4 German carved top with Barbera pickup) but it sounds better. It has a small hollow body, with piezo and magnetic pickups, and a comprehensive preamp. I modified it to fit on a double-braced cymbal stand, so I can walk away from it. Handy on a small stage where you've got nowhere to lie it down.
  4. Hey guys, would you say that any EUB would be suitable for avante-gard type music? Because I have an electric bass, it isn't a very good model, but an enty level bass. For my next bass I am having trouble deciding on a custom 4 string electric bass, or a 4 or 5 string EUB. I'm not looking to upgrade again so I'm saving my money to where I can buy a great bass that I can use the rest of my life. I also want something basic, and I see someone said the Bug was basic.
    Another thing, I havn't seen any "entry level" EUB, does that mean they are all pretty high-end?
  5. I have played a bunch of EUBs over the last three years. My favorites being the Azola floating top Bug bass, Merchant Vertical Bass and Carruthers SUB1. I own a Carruthers because for the price it was a tremendous value. Unfortunately the fingerboard scoop is cut more like a fretless bass than a real double bass. Add another 150-200 dollars to get this changed by a luthier if you want a DB type fingerboard. Merchant will make his to the same specs as you DB. When I was at the Azola ranch I tried about seven of their basses. If I coyuld have afforded it I would have taken home the floating top. It was AMAZING. If I buy another/upgrade my EUB it will be this bass.
  6. You probably read something that I wrote.
    There are several BugBass models. I had the basic version. (pau ferro fingerboard, LaBella strings, single piezo pickup)
    There are several upgrade options, including floating top, ebony fingerboard, Spirocore strings, Clevinger pickups, etc.
    The basic BugBass is an entry level instrument. It's one of the most affordable.
  7. lowfreqguy


    Oct 18, 2000
    Baltimore, MD
    Try www.bsxbass.com. I owned a Carruthers SUB-1 but wanted a 5 string EUB. After shopping around, I found the best sounding and best valued EUB at BSXbass. Tell Dino that Adrian says hi if you speak with him.
  8. Well, I only have an entry level bass <bold>guitar</bold>, as in, $200. I'm guessing the Bug, as an entry level EUB, is maybe $1500+?

    Anyways, which BSX was the entry level model? Or are they all entry level EU's?


    Well I went to the BSX webpage, the SM series is the student series, is that what you have? How do they sound, and are they as bad as entry level DB's, playability wise?


    I guess what I'm saying, is do you have to pay $3000+ to get a good durable EU? Like is the $1200 EU the equivelent of a $200 bass guitar? Anyways thanks for the patience!

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