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Your Favorite G&L Sounds

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by romiso, Apr 13, 2001.

  1. Hi all,

    My first post! I've been lurking for a while -- I guess everyone has to come out from the shadows eventually. ;)

    I just picked up a new G&L ASAT. I'm loving it -- it's so easy to play and so versatile.

    I imagine I'll be playing with the switches for a while, but initially, my favorite sounds are:

    - bridge pickup, parallel, active (gee, have any big-name bass makers tried this combination? :D )

    - bridge pickup, series, active (this is a great, twangy sound)

    - both pickups, parallel, passive (warmth!)

    I don't imagine using the treble boost at all, but the "regular" pre-amp sounds pretty good.

    Do you have a G&L with this pickup configuration? (ASAT, L-2000/2500). I'm interested to hear what your favorite combinations are.

    Good to be out in the open!

    -- Robert
  2. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    Welcome to Talkbass. I haven't been around that long myself, but it's a great board. :)

    Sorry I cannot comment on the ASAT, I have never had the opportunity to play one. I have a couple L-2000's, are the controls the same?

    The L-2000 has three knobs and three toggles. Knobs are volume, treble, and bass. Toggles are pup blend, series/parallel, and passive/active/active w/ treble boost.

    Sounds like they are the same.

    I like soloing the bridge pup when I am in passive mode and boosting my mids between 800-1k on the amp for a great growl. That's one of my favorites.

    I also like playing both pups on in active mode, it's a great all around rock sound. I usually don't use the treble boost because I use bright strings.

    There are some good sounds when soloing the neck pup too. Some people think that it cops the Stingray sound well in this position. I usually solo the neck when I boost the low mids a little and cut the highs a bit, for a warmer bottom end.
  3. Jake15


    Jan 17, 2001
    USA, PA
    I almost got to try some G&L's in pennstate today.I was walking by but the store wasnt open at its normal time.Go figure.Maybe next time I'm up their I can give you guys my ideas on the G&L's.
  4. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    My all-time favorite on my L-2000 is:

    neck pickup, series, active

    That's the one for me. I do sometimes add in the bridge pickup but I can hear the "cancellation" that comes from both being on and it bugs me (at least when playing solo - with the band that's a nuance that gets drowned out).
  5. On my L-2000 I usually go back and forth between the passive neck pick up and the active (w/o high boost) blend of the two pickups. I usually keep the series/parallel switch pointed toward the neck. I'm not sure which mode it is, but it's the louder/beefier one. (is beefier a word?)

    craig- what is this cancellation thing that you speak of?
  6. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    The best description I can think of is that the sound is more "muffled" when both pickups are on. It sounds "freer" to me with only one pickup. I've read about Jazz players complaining about the same thing when both pickups are on full (which gets hum cancelling). The ususal recommendation is to back off one of the pickups some but we can't do that on an L-2000.
  7. Oh....ok. I don't think it sounds bad, though. I like the way you get just a hair more mid with the beef in that setting. I don't use it all the time, but I like to play around with it.

  8. I didn't think there was a bigger-name bass maker than LEO FENDER!?! G&L's not exactly a fly by night operation. :)

    Anyway, my prefered setting is both pickups, passive and in parallel. It sounds quiet compared to many other settings (so turn your amp up!) but it is still louder than most other basses even at that setting. The tone is the most like a Jazz bass with this setting IMO.
  9. Mine is L2000 with Alder body and maple neck/fingerboard. It sounds awesome with the bridge PU, and series/parralel switch to the neck position(someone tell us what that is!!??) I rarely use the passive mode, mostly active without treble boost. But once in a while I use the other 2 settings(passive and active w/ treble boost). From funk to ballad, my L2000 works great!
  10. The series/parallel switch is wired so that toward the neck is series and toward the pridge is parallel.

    Just remember folks, some of these different settings vary quite a bit in volume from each other so be sure to compensate for that when trying out new settings. As I've said, I like to run it parallel and passive but that is just about the quietest setting there is. I used to gravitate toward the series and active settings too because they sounded so huge. Side by side the parallel/passive settings sound comparitively weak, but if you turn up the volume, you just might find some really nice settings (Just stop A/B ing them directly with the loudest settings without changing your volume!)

    My L-2000 is quite has a very heavy ash body which I find a bit midrange heavy. When is use it in parallel mode it seems to take away a lot of the 'knockiness'.
  11. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    I agree the ash body has more pronounced midrange to it. I have an alder with standard neck, and an ash with a jazz neck.

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