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Your favorite head to use with Bag End cabs?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by L. L. Elwood, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. L. L. Elwood

    L. L. Elwood

    Jan 22, 2004
    Hi all,

    I just acquired a very well cared for bag end s15x d and an s15d stack from CL here in Denver. I'm very psyched about these cabs. Together they sound warm, present and defined with my carvin B1500. I do have some concern about running the pair at 1200 watts with the carvin though. Thinking about getting a better matched head for them. I have my eye on the gk MB800. Can anyone chime in and offer any experience or suggestions on what you've used and liked or disliked with these awesome cabs? On another note, not having encountered bag end gear before, very struck by the build quality. reminiscent of 60s high quality hi fi gear. Thanks - LLE
  2. JGR

    JGR The "G" is for Gustav Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jun 29, 2006
    President, CEO, CFO, CIO, Chief Engineer, Technician, Janitor - Reiner Amplification
    GK is a great match with BE. I've had no issues using high powered heads including a 2001RB with my S15D stack, so if you like the Carvin, I wouldn't worry about the power.
  3. L. L. Elwood

    L. L. Elwood

    Jan 22, 2004
    Cool, thanks a lot. I do like the carvin, however I think I'll give the GK a try with them. I think that little amp has more " teeth" on the top end and might really make those cabs snarl a bit more.
  4. chetmz


    Dec 4, 2006
    Hartford, CT
    I have had an S15 and S12 stack for a few years now and used it with great success with an Ampeg PF500, Eden WT300, Eden WT400 and now a Streamliner 600.

    If you do a search on "Bag End Stack" you will see folks have been real happy with a broad range of heads with these and used them playing all kinds of styles. If you want that big low end they are not the right cab but for a focused, tight sound that won't "spill all over the place" and can be heard with reasonably clarity by you and the audience. They are great.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays.
  5. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    I've got an S15D/XD stack as well. GK is my favorite, I play an 800RB or MB500 with mine.
  6. emblymouse

    emblymouse Supporting Member

    Jan 22, 2006
    Lakland Artist Endorser
    I love this combo


    I used a pair of the big 15's (same driver) and powered them with a big ol' Crest amp bridged and they just soaked it up. These are built exactly as they were in the 70's when they were introduced. Other than speak-ons this it baby!
  7. babebambi


    Jan 7, 2008
    I was gonna suggest something to that effect
    That's a tasty rig.
  8. Alper Yilmaz

    Alper Yilmaz Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    Brooklyn, NY
    I used to drive the Bag End stack with either an Epifani UL-502 or an Acoustic Image Focus! Both sounded great, Acoustic Image a bit tighter and better defined in the mid-range...


  9. Clarus sounds good w/Bags.