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your favorite vocal monitor (floor wedge)???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Chad Michael, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. i am looking at buying some wedges, want to hear other's opinions...

    12" / horn style floor monitors.

    which ones have you used that really sounded great????
  2. i'm putting this in amps.
  3. EV 12" are my personal favorite.
  4. are you talking about the force series or eliminator series (or other?)

    how much power do you feed to it??
  5. Force series. We were running 2 per side on a Peavey CS800.
  6. dsmith


    Mar 29, 2001
    Mt. Vernon, KY
    Probably the cleanest sounding monitors I have heard were Community. They make some very nice stuff and some pretty nice prices. I own a complete FOH Community system, and I can just say it does exactly what its suppost to do! I will be buying 4 Community monitors very soon. I purchased my system from music123.com.

    I would also suggest calling Dave at Avatar , they make some nice bass cabs, and I am sure thier PA equipment is built just as well. At Daves prices, and the quality of his work he is going to be tough to beat.
  7. Clair Bros 12AM, or EV XW-12. But you probably can't afford them:D. They are about $3000 each. In the affordable range, the EV-T221 kicks serious booty. The older EV 1202s were pretty nice, too. The Clair wedges are downright scary. I've used them for loud rock shows with no graphic EQs on them. They get insanely loud without feedback and are perfectly voiced for vocals!
  8. thx for the info....

    over the years, there were two monitors that i've used that worked very well.

    1 - jbl 4602b (the old cabaret series with bullet tweeter) love the way they sound.

    2 - jbl mr802 - sound nice, just have about a 3db peak @ 1k that should be notched for smooooooth response.

    i'll look into the community and the avatar lines...
  9. spacegoat...

    i wish i could afford the high budget stuff

    (clair, jbl srx series, eaw...)

    but i'm looking for something that is


    but robust, reliable, clean....

    i'll probably buy used 'club' rated cabs. i plan on staying away from the manufacturer's 'budget series' and can't afford the really 'hot rod race ones' like clair and eaw.

    maybe someday.
  10. I've never had the chance to try them, but I've heard good stuff about Community monitors and Peavey monitors are worth checking out. They've redesigned the horns from what I understand and they're pretty good monitors now. The Yamaha "Club" series are excellent monitors as well.
  11. rok51

    rok51 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2002
    Crawfordville, FL
    I hear, from a good source, that the Community MVP38's are an excellent, smooth sounding wedge. I was poised to purchase some, but was vetoed (damn, these egalitarian bands!). We wound up with the new Peavey 115MX wedges...they are SWEET! Incredible clarity. Every guest artist has commented on how they were able to hear detail that they never heard before. We're pleased!

  12. rockindoc

    rockindoc Daily Lama

    Jan 26, 2002
    Bonham, Tx
    Check out the package deals on Carvin's 722 monitors. Economical (not CHEAP), robust, reliable, and clean, they are. You may hear some negatives, but probably not from anyone who's used them. They have met our band's needs without maxing out the credit card. I would describe them as superior entry level monitors.

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