Your Favourite 6-string Steel Roundwounds?

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  1. I'm ordering a 6-string bolt-on Warwick (34" scale), and I'm curious which strings I should try first.

    I was going to go with DR steel Lo Riders but I think I want something with a tad less tension, but not much less. I don't want the B string to be floppy, and for it to be as articulate as it can be.

    I also like strings that emphasize the mids.

    Really the Lo Riders would be perfect if they had a lower gauge than their current lowest gauge.

    I'm thinking a tapered B string would help for articulation.

    Anyone try the Pedulla's? I've only read one review on the 5 string set and it seemed to be close to what I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Also, the Ken Smith Rock Master light set with a tapered B, or their Slap Master extra light set with a tapered B intrigues me as well.

    Anyone know how their tensions are compared to Lo Riders lightest gauge?
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    Have you considered the Hi-Beams? I use the nickel-plated equivalent (the Sunbeams) on my main 6er, a 34" scale. I have no issues with floppiness.

    Having tried both the Lo-Riders and the Hi-Beams, I find the tone to be very similar, and both a tad mellower than other stainless steel strings I've tried. I don't have the data, but the Hi-Beams have a bit looser feel than the Lo-Riders, and I personally prefer them.

    No tapered B, though.
  4. I'm just under the impression that a tapered B would help it be more articulate, but if the High Beams' Low B is articulate then that is fine.

    I haven't used the High or Sun Beams yet, but I've always thought that they were quite a bit lower tension than Lo Riders. I heard they were low tension, and the Lo Riders were high tension. Is this not accurate?

    What gauge of High Beams do you use?
  5. JeffVanter


    Sep 23, 2012
    I have been using High Beams on my 6 string ever since I had it. It actually came with Elixr, and the sound and tone was consistent for a very long time but it didn't saw as raw or clear as I wanted. High Beams are incredibly clanky when fresh (especially if you have low action.) It sounds really great for metal, but within a day, it sounds great in every genre of music. It cuts right through.
  6. I am a big fan of DR strings, so I'll try the High Beams out, but what gauges do you guys recommend for someone who plays with a medium-light touch but with really low action and hates fret buzzing?
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    AFAIK, they only come in two different gauges, and then the only difference is in the low B. Your playing style also describes mine, and I use the one with the heavier B. HTH.
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    I usually have a set of GHS Contact Core Super Steels on my fretted 6 (Warwick Streamer LX). Super articulate with a great sound that is ideal for chording or other melodic type playing. It also sounds great in the lower register and the B string is massive sounding.
  9. LOL, I guess I should have checked BSO. I'll try this set first. I love DR's and have always been meaning to try out the Hi-Beams.

    Also, I did a bunch of reading up on tapered/non-tapered B strings and I don't think I'd want a tapered B string anyway. Apparently it has some extra harmonic overtones the other strings don't have, and makes them sound different. So that's a no go
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    I believe you will have to use a tapered B on your Warwick because the saddle is not wide enough. I'm not positive on that though.

    Also since you are doing the right thing by getting your strings at Bass Strings Online, don't forget he has the 'build your own set' feature.

    So you can get a lighter gauge bottom set with a higher gauge B string so it won't be floppy. I use 40-100's with a .135 B string. I use Fodera strings and I would suggest going with them. They offer both tapered and non-tapered B strings. I love DR's too, but they don't have .135's and they don't do tapers.
  11. Yeah, I've read that the Warwick B-string saddle slot is pretty thin. I think I'm going to widen it a touch. I don't want to worry about restricting my string selection.
  12. Jon Moody

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    Sep 9, 2007
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    Social Media Manager, Product Development at GHS Strings
    Check the year of your Warwick. They've finally been using bridges that will allow non-tapered or wider strings into the bridge, no problem. My 2010 Streamer fits an untapered .135 quite easily; the older 'wicks still need a little tweaking to get the B string in.
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    Jul 30, 2012
    Let me just give another thumbs up for DR Hi-Beams. You aren't limited to what 6-string sets DR makes, you can use bassstringsonline to order your own individual gauges for each string. That's what I do.
  14. I like my MTD strings with the exposed core, and SIT's are super nice, just used my first set! (Endorsements accepted ;)
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    I don't usually string my sixes with rounds, but if I were to go back to rounds I would use Pyramid Pure Nickel Roundwounds for a mellower tone.
  16. I've used the rockmasters most of the time for many years. Just tried the Pedullas and while they sound pretty cool and growly on their own, it disappears a little with a band. I'm going to go back to the rockmasters.