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  1. I was just wondering what it was like for some of you peoples first performance. like the feeling u got inside of u all the energy flowing around u. and just a description of other stuff like the atmosphere.
  2. liran

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    Dec 18, 2000
    San Antonio, Texas
    Well for my first performance, i was very nervous at first, but as soon as I got on that stage i felt at home. I love performing!
  3. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
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    My first was on TV for a telethon. I'd only been playing for 2 weeks. No lessons, nothing! I was one bundle of nerves! The gig was a disaster, because the drummer only knew 2 speeds. Fast and warp speed, and she had NO groove.:eek: It was bad.


    Sep 26, 2001
    in the sun
    My first real gig was when my Orchestra instructor asked me to play the electric bass for our junior high school, I normally was the second string bassist but we were doing a symphony concert with the theme song of Mr. Holland’s Opus. The Gym was packed with people and I was the only electric instrument in the 120 pc. Symphony. I also started the song. Yes I was extremely nervous, but the adrenaline that I got from doing it has kept me wanting for more:)
  5. well, I can't really remember when I first performed but it was probably at a school concert with my band... I was very nervous(I was singing too! :eek: ) but I thought it went well, at the time, but seeing it on video this summer, made me hear how much we sucked! :)

    but many performances have come since then, and I'm not nervous anymore, and love playing every note! :D

    playing bass is really great!
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    Nov 23, 2001
    my first bass performance was at a showcase of local bands. I've been performing in different things (dance, violin, singing, more dance, ect. ect. ect.) since I was four years old, but I still remember that performance. It was ballet. I immediately fell in love with performing. I just can't sing or speak without a mike.

  7. my first performance was me solo (after about 5 months of playing) doing my slap bass version of voodoo chile in front of my english class. at first they wouldn't be quite so i cranked my kickback 12 all the way up, walked out of the room (i had a really long chord for some reason) and hit all of my strings as hard as i could. i then walked back in the room and they were all quit. after i was done i got an unprovoked standing ovation. it was pretty sweet if i do say so myself. the only problem was that it was on my pos ibanez gsr 190.
  8. the atmosphere always feels electric, no matter where you are, or how many people, or what style you're playing... i was s***ting bricks all night, watching other bands, feeling the tension mount...

    our band was called up, we get on stage, they shove lights in our eyes, it was like the bloody dentist... we played a few tunes of ours VERY badly, they kill the lights, and we're standing there, totally proud that we'd cleared the entire bar of human life... man, we sucked, and i don't care... :D

    simon a
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    Nov 6, 2001
    Oh man, my first performance was a classic. I was 16 and only had been playing for a couple of months as had the rest of my friends in the band.

    There was this dump of a bar that we could get served at, it was in a basement of a building in a really bad neighborhood. They had a "stage" so we asked if we could play. What a disaster it turned out to be. We were trying to charge a cover charge, and the people would walk by our friend that was trying to collect. We started real late, because we didnt think there were enough people. We got really drunk before we played, and then we played. It was terrible, were drunk and really nervous, we were forgetting parts to the songs, the singer was forgetting lyrics, someone accidently knocked out the power supply.
    To top it off, we were in the middle of playing Iron Man, the solo was coming up, (I worked my ass off to learn that bass part) and our lead guitar player broke a string, I didnt realize this, I thought he was walking off the stage. I abrubtly stopped and literally threw my bass down on the stage, and we got in a fight with each other in front of everyone in the bar.
    Man the was a learning experience. We all still laugh about that to this day. That was 16 years ago.
    Sorry the post was so long, but the story was something I had to share.
    The moral of the story is teenagers, alcohol, inexperience and nerves just dont mix.
  10. Bruce Lindfield

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    My very first gig is too far back in the mists of time, but I had a long lay-off from music and came back to it about four or so years ago.

    So I had decided to study Jazz and I heard about a Latin Jazz workshop that was being held locally with a concert in the evening.

    So after some general stuff about rhythms etc. we formed up into 3 small groups to prepare for playing in the evening. Our groups was having terrible trouble - we didn't have a drummer or a confident percussionist, but had two piano players who argued with each other incessantly and played the same thing slightly out of time with each other. We had a good horn section and guitarist, but none of us were that confident about it and I hadn't played live for about 10 years!

    I was dreading the concert in the evening and asked if we could go on first to get it out of the way - this turned out to not be such a good move as the idea was that some other more experienced band played just before the "students" and so the place was packed and very expectant when we got to play!

    But the tutor who was with us during the day - a great pro trumpeter, got the percussionist who was working with them, to sit in - Satin Singh who is very good and has played sessions with famous bands in the UK. (Supergrass I can remember amongst others)

    So he played Timbales and as soon as we started, the energy was fantastic - I had a fairly simple bassline but the effect of this with the Timbales was wonderful and I could feel the whole band working and a sort of feeling like static electricity flowing through me - the audience started dancing (they hadn't before) and we played everything perfectly (unlike all rehearsals) at the end of the first tune, there was huge applause and we played a few more and when we went off there was a huge buzz and I knew I had to get back to playing live.

    Our band really kicked of the event which went very well and out of this was born (eventually) the large Latin band I play in now - people remembered how good it was!
  11. i did my first live gig at the start of this month (the 12th), i've been playing the bass for 2 years (with no lessons) and i had just got my first amp (i had been using a mates guitar amp previously) which was a trace elliot commando 15 (friggin lovely) and i was itching to put it through it's paces so i got into two bands and entered both for a stars in thier eyes competition my shool was holding, and talk about a big gig! the hall was packed (2845 people!), the wierd thing was i wasn't nervous at all, i was really hyped up and could'nt stop bouncing around backstage, anyway, my first band went on and we did Green Day, When i Come Around and i was singing the chorus, the only problem was that my mike wasn't on (probably for the best:) ) but it was still great. my second band did blink182, Dammit which was equally ammazing, i also snapped a string which i was pleased with!
    but all said and done it was one of the best experiances of my life and has made me even madder about playing the bass :D. But the best thing of all about it was that we didn't totally suck because we've been asked to perform in the xmas concert (woo hoo!)

    anyway enuf babling for now (sorry but i've been itchin 4 an excuse to tell that story!)