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  1. ok, at the moment i've got a peavey combo 115 amp and a peavey 210TVX cab. it's got a good sound and volume, but the combo is cripplingly heavy, especially without the side handles and castors (it's one of the older models) and the 2x10 cab simple can't handle a lot of bass, and being in a band that plays a lot of reggae/dub songs it's not something i can live with.

    so i've been looking into getting a new rig. and i really like the one i've come up with:

    2 Laney RBC115L8 1x15", 250w, 8ohm cabs

    Hartke Model 4000 head 400w @ 4ohms, 220w @ 8ohms

    i've decided on 2 15's rather that going for 10's because 10's are generally chosen to take the higher frequencies and add some punch, and i've always been happy with the punch i've got from 15's, and 10's just can't handle bass as well as 15's (ok ok, i know there are some that can, but not in my price range)

    and also, with this setup i'll have the option of just running one cab on it's own, which i want.

    with the prices i've found this rig will cost about 800 pounds (UK) this is really streaching my budget, and i'll have to just buy the head and one cab to start with and then add the other cab at a later date once i've got more money, so going higher than this isn't really an option.

    what do you think of this rig, do you think it'll be able to handle sub E notes, with the bass boosted at high volumes?

    do you have any reccomendations for a rig, under 800 UK pounds, option of running either 1 or both of the cabs. around the 400w mark?

    please don't tell me to look for something used, because i've been looking for the last 3 years and in the UK there is never anything suitable thats available for a fair price. there just aren't enough people on this little island :(

    sorry for the long post ;)

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    you might condiser some 12" cabs. I've got the Bergantinos and they are great. I know the Aguilar GS112 are generally less expensive and have more of what your sound would be. The Bergs are just brilliantly designed and do everything I like. I play in a six piece horn band and we do different stuff. If you can afford the Bergs get them. I'm not sure about the amp your talking about though. Eventually it would be great if you could go with a modular set up and change as you can afford newer or more preferrable components. Sorry if I wasn't much help, but your post was looking kind of lonely.
    good luck
  3. ok, an ernie ball amp has just turned up on ebay (well, 10 actually). 500w @ 4ohm, 335w @ 8ohm. and they have a buy it now of 250. which is almost half of what i was expecting to shell out for an amp thats not as powerfull. i've heard good things about the cabs, are these heads any good??

    click here for the auction

    if this amp is worth it then it opens up whole new possibilities (more money for cabs)

    here are the ones i've found so far (all single cab set ups):

    + carvin RL115, 1x15", 600w, 4ohm. would a single 15" speaker be able to handle 500w of bass?

    + carvin RL118, 1x18", 800w, 4ohm. i've no doubt this could handle the bass, but i do slap as well, does anyone know how much punch this thing has?

    + just noticed the aguilar ad at the side of the page, i didn't know they did cabs, i was looking at the 2x12", 600w, 4ohm, $899 dollars, which is about 560 UK pounds, which would still be in my budget. i've been interested in 12s for a while. but there's never been one with the right specs/price. anyone know much about the cab? bass, punch, volume?

    ok, those are the new options. if the ernie ball heads are any good, then i think i'll go down that road.

    so what do you all think?

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    I can recommend the Carvin 1x15. Handles lots of power easily, very efficient, great low end, relatively lighweight, nice handles and optional wheels. Remove the ugly logo and it even looks cool.
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    You're more likely to get better bottom out of four 10's than two 15's in any price range. Fifteens? Tone-sucking muff monsters.

    'Nuf said, eh?
  6. ok, well if you think 15's are that bad, what's your opinion on the aguilar 12's?

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    My humble opinion:

    Get 2 Bag End 15 deep's, perhaps one without and one with the coax...?

    They'll put out plenty of bass for you.

    As for the head, that's up to you to decide.
  8. ok, i've been looking into them and i've decided to go with the ernie ball head. but now even more options have turned up for cabs!!! :mad:

    i've just been offered a hartke 4x10 XL cab for 300 pounds, in as new condition (retails 600)(400w@8ohm). if i were to get this i would add a 1x15 to it, but the hartke XL1x15 is just too expensive, so i had a look at the transporter series and they have a 1x15, 150w, 8ohm.

    this rig would fit nicely in my budget (it would come to about 750). but would the 1x15 be up to the job? together the ratings of the cabs would be 550w @ 4ohms and the amp is 500w @ 4ohms, so no problems there, but as i said, the 1x15 can only handle 150w, now i don't really know much of the tecky stuff about amps, but i would have thought the amp would send 250w to each speaker, is this correct, and if so, then the 1x15 wouldn't be able to handle it would it


    [EDIT] i can't find any dealers for aguilar in the UK, and if there were there would probably be huge import charges. and i also cant find an importer for bag end. are there any?
  9. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
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    Hartke XL series isnt bad, the transporter is total garbage. You will not like it. They are a useless rattle trap.