your opinon on this one

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  1. Hey Barroso, what's up? It looks nice, and I love tube amps, but, 30kg? That's 76.20 lbs. American!
    I think that you'd get tired pretty fast of hauling that much weight around, and then you have to get a bottom!

    But, then again, it is 200 watts of tube power. :cool:

    Mike J.
  2. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    hi mike!
    fine here. here are the news!
    going offtopic i have quite finished designing my custom bass. it will be a beauty. now my friend ruggero who's a fine luthier will start to build it for me. or better, we will work together. i really hope the best, i have played something similar made by rugger and i was mamazed by the quality. mine it will be a 5 string bolt on maple neck with ebony fingerboard, no inlays. body will be swamp ash and mahogany. pickups are custom made here in italy, two soapbar like passive pickups double coil splittable. bartolini 3 band active onboard eq. it will definetly rocks!