SOLD YYZ (QuadraPOG sold)

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    Oct 15, 2003
    Trying to save up for some stuff here so I'm culling again. Like I do. Among other things, couple of pedals...

    Tech21 YYZ $150 Excellent condition but I have the wrong tin for it - it came to me in a Leeds tin instead of the YYZ tin, which I thought was funny.

    SOLD EHX/JHS QuadraPOG $240 It's a microPOG with added footswitches to switch between 2 different settings each on the low and high octave controls. I use it to individually turn the lower and upper octaves on and off, by having the 'primary' setting for each be 0 and the switched setting be at the desired "on" level for each respective octave. Includes original box/papers/powersupply

    I *would* probably trade for a Strymon Deco. Been awhile since I tried one of those and I think some tape style fattening and doubling would be nice.

    md2p95m9fzsstuxwwtuv.jpg ghylpankenarhs6n48tr.jpg

    prices include conus shipping, thanks!
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