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  1. Large collection of Frank Zappa CD's, in decent shape with cases. I'll compile a list soon but there's well over a dozen, many of the greatest albums minus Cheap Thrills, Hot Rats and Just Another Band From East L.A..

    $6 each, shipped and PayPal'd.

    Discount for the whole lot.
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    Pm sent for O'Nite Sensation, Joe's Garage and maybe others from the same period of Zappa Pop-Classical ;-)
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    From top left to bottom right:

    We're only in it for the money
    Freak out
    Absolutely Free
    One Size Fits All
    Lumpy Gravy
    Weasels Ripped my Flesh
    Grand Wazoo
    Chungas Revenge
    Ahead of their time
    Uncle Meat (2 disc)
    Ruben and the Jets
    Burnt Weeny Sandwiches
    Studio Tan
    Sleep Dirt
    Francesco Zappa
  4. I'm on the fence about selling this one:
  5. The following titles are sold pending payment:

    Ahead of Time
    Uncle meat
    Sleep Dirt
  6. Above titles sold^^^

    The rest are available!
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