"Zen" bowing

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    Jun 18, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Try this as a warm up.

    Bow an open string, perferablly the one that speaks most easily. As you draw the bow across the string, inhale. On the return, exhale. Do this slowly, several times on each string, for several minutes.


    I've begun doing this each morning, while facing my window which looks out on downtown Chicago, which is as uptight and stressed out as any city in the world. I'm sure all of us, especially those of us who go out there and make living by performing, have a lot on their minds. This excerise can, if you let it, clear your mind and give you a blank slate with which you can work on improving your craft...


    Chicago rules! I have a teacher again! The tenor players still want to play Giant Steps, again, man! Thumb position is in tune! I must not abuse thumb position!
  2. Wow!

    Hey man! No problem here - my mind is always in that state - blank, that is...

    - Wil