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  1. mscorrupter


    Jan 3, 2014
    I have a Washburn Taurus T14 with EMG pick-ups. I am a beginner to the bass guitar. The other day I discovered that the zero fret next to the E string had become chipped. (Probably my fault) Now I am unable to tune the bass with the string snapping out of place. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a replacement? Or if this is even fixable? Or just tell me what exactly I will have to do? ECT. Would be a great help! Thanks!!
  2. Slowgypsy

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    Dec 12, 2006
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    Are you sure about the zero fret thing? Are you really talking about the nut? Either way, while I encourage folks to get some "hands on" experience adjusting their instruments, repairing or replacing a nut on an instrument might be best done by an experienced tech.
  3. Precision101


    Sep 22, 2013

    Yup. Probably the nut if it's popping out. Get it fixed by a tech. Easy installment and shouldn't cost much.
  4. 96tbird

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    Yep, a zero fret is an actual steel fret at zero that the strings lie on. If it is a bone or plastic or metal chunk with string slots, it's a nut,
  5. mscorrupter


    Jan 3, 2014
    Thanks so much!!
  6. RSBBass


    Jun 11, 2011
    As mentioned above its your nut. You bass does not have a zero fret.