zillow and trulia are worthless, what other real estate listing websites are any good?

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    Sep 3, 2009
    title pretty much says it all. we have a scorching hot Hot HOT market right now in my neighborhood. I'm seeing houses put signs up and they're not listed on either of the sites, being called 'off the market'. There's two houses on the street opposite my driveway (T-intersection) that went up for sale yesterday and today. Neither one is on either of the sites. Chances are good they'll both be sold by Monday, it's that insane around here.

    I'm watching the market because my family home of 55 years may have to be sold in the very near future. It's almost scary to think of how fast things are moving. It is even hotter than before the Great Crash of '07. Although subprime loans aren't the driving force this time, it makes me wonder just how long can this frenetic pace keep up.

    My brother put his condo up for sale, in the south end of the city. His realtor has 9 showings today and tomorrow and supposedly an offer is already in the making.
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    I wouldn't say the websites are lame, that's just the nature of a hot real estate market.
    Our house sold before they put a sign in the front yard. It hit the realtors website and he had a phone call within 15 minutes. He was showing it 30 minutes after that. In 12 hours, our house was sold.
    Sell while you can. This isn't going to last forever. We missed out in '07, so when it came around in '17 again, we sold our home.
    What part of NH are you in? We lived in Sunapee for a couple years, 2011-13.

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    As far as I know, all those sites use the multiple listing service. The only way to find the for sale by owner houses is to check local ads.
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    Nov 18, 2005
    Houses on my street have sold before they even get the sign in the yard.
    Yes ,it's a hot market right now.
    I don't think these sites are capable of keeping up nor are they designed too.
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    Realtor.com is the National Association of Realtors site. Unlike Zillow and ancillary Trulia, Realtor.com updates from the multi list sites throughout the country every 15 minutes. The former have a bit more lag time. However, their interfaces seem to be more consumer friendly and easier to interpret.

    Many real estate postings on Zillow/Trulia are SOLD but generate clicks & contact traffic for the agencies/agents posting them. Ethically, they can only remain posted for a few hours-days.

    Zillow/Trulia’s Prime focus is to get people to post value inquiries about their homes or buying questions that generate real estate agent activity towards those homeowners.

    IF there’s a (local) Realtor you know & trust, they can link you to a search engine that is as current as the MLS site agents use to do searches. You will not get however, the ‘sale pending’ or past SOLD data. Licensed agents PAY MLS fees and board dues that allow them access to market data to determine pricing strategies. Privileges of licensure.

    I‘ve been a licensee full time Realtor in Michigan for 22 years.
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