Zon basses - is everything OK ?

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  1. Rumblefisher

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    Aug 22, 2007
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    In 2016, I bought a Zon Vinny 4 from Maidenbass here on TB. I loved the bass, pictured below. Humbuckers, composite neck, small form factor...awesome. I started speaking to Martin Peters about pretty much recreating this bass but in set-neck form.

    I am a big of Mr. Peters and Mr. Zon. They were always nice, personable, and responded within 24-48 hrs for most things. We ended up exchanging many emails over the ensuing few months, and I gave them a "spec sheet" of exactly what I wanted. I reviewed it with Mr. Peters and he spoke to Mr. Zon, stating that all specs were easily doable.

    I was initially quoted a lead time of 8 months in February 2017. There was a little hiccup along the way (accidental battery route was added, and they warned me it would definitely add to the lead time to wait for another super lightweight piece of wood, but I told them I was ok with it). I was and am perfectly OK with waiting a bit longer to find quality materials, and I let them know that REALLY wanted them to stick to the spec sheet.

    I am creating this thread because, over the last 2 months I've been unable to get in contact with Mr. Peters. I've called a few times, and I spoke to Mr. Zon on one occasion. He was very, very nice and he recalled some of the things I wanted, but also stated he still had to make a battery route and some other small things I didn't really want. No problem, he's a very busy man with a lot on his mind, and my spec sheet is definitely not at the top of the priority list. He was very nice and we reviewed the spec sheet together and again he stated that there was no problem doing it all. He also said he would ask Mr. Peters for a print out so that he had it right by his bench as he worked on the instrument. Awesome, I felt happy about that.

    I tried following up with Mr. Peters and asked him to confirm receipt of my emails over the last 2 months. I've tried calling them a couple of times but I understand that they are very busy and I don't at all want to be a nuisance. Based on my previous interactions, I'm actually a bit worried that Mr. Peters might not be alright (i.e. hospital visit or something else awful).

    Does anybody know if he is OK? Perhaps there's a TBer that lives by the Zon shop that can visit and let them know I'm trying to get in touch?

    The email listed on the site is the one I already use, and I'll try calling again later today (I'm on vacation at the moment, 10 hr time difference).

    Overall, I'm still excited about the bass, and I'm happy with the company and people who have interacted with me. I just want to ask the largest bass community I know of if it has any "inside" knowledge of the happenings over at Zon.

    Thanks guys, requisite pic and a copy of the rough spec sheet below. :)

    Mod edit: list of known orders well past the due date:
    Rumblefisher Feb 2017 Vinny set neck (now 32")

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  2. Bryan R. Tyler

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    May 3, 2002
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    They’ve been moving their entire shop to a different city over the past couple months, so in addition to being a small shop that’s always busy (and it’s not the best with communication to begin with), they are undertaking a big task that might keep them away from the phones.
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  3. Rumblefisher

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    Aug 22, 2007
    Astoria, NY
    Thank you very much for that information!

    I tried calling them a few times (left a voicemail as well) and emailed customer support again. So far, nothing.

    Will update the thread if they get back to me, but I'm starting to get a little more worried that there is NO attempt at response for months.
  4. Huffing Doback

    Huffing Doback

    Feb 9, 2017
    I've spoken to Joe in the past week. Not only did they move their entire shop this summer, it was also unexpected. Their landlord dropped the bomb on them that some new yuppy silicon valley type wanted to move in offering higher rent. They had that place completely customized over the past 30 years of operations. Imagine all the venting, machinery, paint rooms, etc. And for such a small team, it's quite the undertaking.

    Zon always gets the instrument to you. For a new bass, I would expect around 8 months. With their unexpected move, I'd give them extra time to get settled into their new digs. I think in the next month or two they will be operating back to their normal ways.
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  5. Maiden Bass

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    Feb 11, 2007
    I talked with Joe recently too. He had a lot of work to do with the move and it set them back some, but Joe and Mark are fantastic guys and will always give you what you pay for, and then some!
  6. How did this turn out?
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  7. Maiden Bass

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    Feb 11, 2007

    I still totally believed Joe in August of 2018!!!

    I was totally a Zon Fanboy up until recently!!!
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  8. Ok. i see it. just trying to spread the word.
  9. BAG


    May 5, 2014
    New Zealand
    I'm now interested to know why the "Warning, Zon Basses" thread has disappeared. Did the OP of that thread get his bass? Very strange.
  10. dickfitts


    Jan 18, 2012
    Yes! And what happened to Maiden Bass? I wish there was a spot where mods would tell us why somebody got banned when it happens.
  11. charlie monroe

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    Feb 14, 2011
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    I participated in that thread. If you were following along and connect the banning and the thread removal, you can probably figure out what happened on your own.
  12. BAG


    May 5, 2014
    New Zealand
    I was watching that thread and it must have gone south rather quickly as all I saw was a lot of facts about the situation. It appeared to be quite well behaved for the first few pages. It is disappointing that the thread was removed as people need to be warned about builders that are not reliable. It actually makes me wonder if there have been threats of legal action against TB. =
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  13. lowendmafia

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    Oct 11, 2007
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    The mods explain what happened in the Zon Club thread
  14. bigsnack


    Aug 24, 2005
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    What a shame... Zon is FINE, check out the official Zon thread for the story.
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  15. BAG


    May 5, 2014
    New Zealand
    I hope this isn't breaking any rules but thought this link should be on this thread as well to avoid any smearing of Zon's business name as it appears that they have done nothing wrong.
  16. Joe Zon

    Joe Zon

    Mar 27, 2002
    Zon Guitars
    All is very well here at ZON. As many of you know, we moved the shop a few months ago which was a mammoth task. To addthe fires from Chico engulfed the entire Bay Area, shutting us down for nearly three weeks. I'm told three hours outside, was the equivalent to smoking seven cigaretts, one after the other.

    The situation with Maiden bass has been amicably resolved. He's not only a customer but a friend as well. In the meantime, we are building him two exquisite basses. I want to thank everyone for their continues support and understanding as we make this transition into a much better situation. New model basses on the horizon as well as many other exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned. Best to all, Joe Zon
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  17. This has to be one of my favorite posts in the past year! So glad to see everything is well at the Zon shop. I'm getting a custom Zon for my mid life crisis in 13 years, so you have to stick around at least until then....
  18. golower


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    Iam very very excited because my new used Zon arrives tomorrow. I got a smoking hot deal on it, found it on Reverb for 1900. Yeah 1900 can’t even believe it! Minty condition. I am going to pinch myself because I still think it’s not real! Born in 2015, ash body, chocolate brown. Zon on! 80E3956B-D8CB-46F0-9D26-2095FE120485.jpeg

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  19. golower


    Nov 29, 2009
    Fargo ND
    I wrestled a bear once.
    I thought this was the Zon Club thread sorry. Every time I dealt with Zon it was all good and they hit their eight month quote on building my Zon in 2012.
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  20. JeroB666


    Dec 22, 2012
    Did you end up getting your bass?