For Sale Zon Custom 4 Unlined Fretless

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    I posted this bass a few months back looking for a trade but couldn't quite find it so I took it down. This time I'm only looking to sell.

    The bass is a Zon Custom 4 unlined fretless. I bought it new from Planet Bass in 2006.

    Here is some more info:

    Body: Two-piece select swamp ash.
    Scale length: 34"
    Neck: Composite, bolt-on design
    Fingerboard: Phenowood
    Frets: 24
    Electronics: ZP-2D active system made for Zon by Polyfusion.
    Functions: Master volume, pickup blend, bass, treble and midrange
    Pickups: Bartolini Soapbars
    String Spacing: 19mm
    Weight: roughly 8.5 pounds
    Tuners: Hipshot extender on the E string.
    Also, this is a newer model of the Sonus so it does have a truss rod.

    The fingerboard has just been replanned and setup and I'll also include the virtually unplayed TI flats that are on the bass. After the work on the fingerboard and new setup the bass plays better now than when I first got it.

    The two cosmetic issues with the bass are the sonus lettering on the headstock and a small chip near the bottom left side of the bridge.

    The sonus lettering (but not the Zon lettering) has faded over time. I'm not quite sure why it happened. I contacted Zon about the problem and someone informed that it was likely due to sun exposure but I have never played an outdoor gig with the bass and I've never kept right next to a window so my guess why is as good as yours.

    I have included pictures of both of the cosmetic issues.

    I'd like to get 2000 shipped for the instrument. The Zon website quotes an identical one for about 3800.

    I'm also located in Austin, Texas if anyone wants to try the instrument in person!

    The only trade I would currently consider is some sort of Moog Voyager. I'm selling it to buy a voyager so I wouldn't mind trading for one instead.

    Thanks for looking and I'd be happy to answer any questions!


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