SOLD Zon Legacy Elite Special 6-String Mottled Bubinga Bass w/OHSC & extra strings

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    This is an awesome bass. The bass in the video is this exact bass. After I bought it I sent the video to Zon, and they gave me these corrections, though:

    "Bryan did a beautiful job describing the bass in the video, but there is some misinformation that needs to be clarified. The bass is formally a Legacy Elite Special. The body has a mahogany core and a mottled bubinga top (pretty rare figure). It has two made for ZON custom Bartolini pickups which are dual coils, not single coils and are wound for low mid enhancement. The fingerboard is phenowood, a phenolic impregnated wood which is super stable.

    Regarding the electronics, please see page 14 in the attached Owners Guide for the correct description of the controls function: "

    It's a used bass, I don't know the exact year of manufacture. But there are cracks and marks on it, including a pretty good chip on the back of the neck by the body joint. I've tried to get everything I could in the photos, some of which I took and some from the prior listing. Bass hasn't changed since I got it. Just played at my house. Extra set of strings in photo is included as well. It plays great, it sounds great and it looks great. Only selling because I have two six string basses and I don't play them very often, silly to have a bass this awesome just sit in the corner. 10.6 lbs on my bathroom scale.

    More info on Legacy Elite basses here: Legacy Elite Series Basses - Zon Guitars

    Price includes shipping CONUS

    IMG_7816.jpeg IMG_7819.jpeg P1010871.jpeg P1010881.jpeg P1010873.jpeg P1010874.jpeg P1010875.jpeg P1010877.jpeg P1010878.jpeg P1010879.jpeg IMG_7817.jpeg P1010880.jpeg P1010876.jpeg IMG_7820.jpeg
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