No longer available Zon Sonus Custom 6

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    Kind of a feeler (my first "serious" bass), but I'm not playing it much nowadays...

    Up for grabs, my ZON Sonus Custom 6.
    Imported it from USA myself, one of the older ones, neck without trussrod.
    Upgraded with brass nut (original graphite one included).

    Ash body, walnut top.
    ZON electronics, Bartolini sopabar pickups. Piezo bridge.
    Original branded hard shell case included.
    Dunlop Straplocks included.

    Weight: 4,8 kg according to my bathroom scale.
    String spacing at nut: around 9 mm, the width on nut is 2.125" according to the website.
    String spacing at bridge: 16,5 mm
    One output for both pickups and piezo, one knob is the balance between piezo and normal pickups.

    Controls are: Volume, Balance, Bass, High, Piezo blend.

    Neck has a surface finish crack, which is not going further (since 2 years i own it) and dent on headstock. Bought it this way. Other than that it's ideal.
    Body is in pristine condition, took care of it.

    Regarding trades I'm interested in:
    ZON Sonus 5 string,
    Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 5 string (with cash my way, but depends on model)
    Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 string (with cash my way).
    Fodera NYC 5 string.
    FBass 5 string

    Preferably without cash adjustments by me.

    With straight sale i ask 1500 GBP/2280 USD/2080 EUR.

    Price is firm, if buyer is determined I can include shipping in EU.
    If it stays with me i'm content, this is not a desperate sale.
    It might get withdrawn quickly, so have that in mind. wink.png

    Photobucket gallery: HERE
    I'll do more photos of the crack and upload them.


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    Killer bass.