Zon Ultrasonic

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  1. I bought a new F Bass in February.
    It had S.S. Taper core strings on it, and I did not want a lot of fret wear (I play hard), so I asked Jmmy (Owner) what nickels to use. He said Zon Ultrasonic- Hands
    Down! OK, I said. I got home, and
    installed them one at a time. I compared them as I went. They were
    as bright and strong sounding with
    and added bonus. They were warm
    too. I had them on for 4 months and I think they would last much longer, but in the course, I broke 2 strings, and didn't want a bastard set on. The new ones have been on a while and still going strong. I got them at New York Guitar and Bass Boutique for $32.
    Their web site is GuitarBoutique.com