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Zoom 506II

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TheFrizzleFry, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. TheFrizzleFry

    TheFrizzleFry Guest

    Nov 21, 2000
    Stinktown, Pa, USA
    Alright, I have a Zoom 506II effects processor and it's pretty sweet. I'm thinking of getting a expression pedal for it and I was wondering, do I need to buy one from Zoom? I wrote to Zoom to ask but I figure they might say, "uhhh.. yeah of course you do" and unless they followed it up with manical laughter I wouldn't know if they were just trying to get me to buy from them. If I don't need to buy from Zoom, what are the best/cheapest pedals that will work.
    Also, for anyone who owns a Zoom 506II, have you created any interesting effects? If so, how did you make it? I have made a few but I'm currently ampless because I'm down south and couldn't bring my amp.
    Thanks ya'll (OH NO, I HAVE BEEN DOWN SOUTH TOO LONG!!!!!!!!).
  2. TheFrizzleFry

    TheFrizzleFry Guest

    Nov 21, 2000
    Stinktown, Pa, USA
    Well Frizzle Fry, from what I hear, you can use different expression pedals. I don't personally know what options you have for price/value I'm not very experienced in that field. But I'm sure someone else will help you.
  3. spending too much time by ourselves are we? ;) :D
  4. Hey Matt,

    I have the Zoom 506, i don´t know whats the diference between the first 506 and the second but any way... I have tested two expression pedals on my procesor, one was a Zoom pedal i got lent by a friend, which was from an old guitar fx procesor.. It worked fine. The other one work exactly the same, but i dont remember what brand was it.. The thing is that You dont really need to have a zoom expresion pedal in order to take out the best of your zoom 506II..

    I have made some nice effects and equalizations.. I dont know pretty weel how the compressor and the limiter work, but i have made good use of them. I made a combination of EQ and compresor that sounds BEAUTIFUL... *bright* and punchy.. I love it...

    well.. also, whit an expression pedal you can use some special stuff.. like some kind of pitch shifter (in the resonant wha, i guess), and of course.. a normal wha.. to be controled with the pedal (obviously)
  5. TheFrizzleFry

    TheFrizzleFry Guest

    Nov 21, 2000
    Stinktown, Pa, USA
    Hey man, it got people to read my thread didn't it? Insanity gets attention. Oh and by the way, Kid Rock said that "If there's grass on the field play ball" thing on SNL, but whatever.

    And Luis, thanks for the help, now I gotta go look for something I can afford. Anyone have any suggestions (Besides the obvious Ebay, pretty limited range, I've checked)? Thanks.
  6. I heard that you can use Stereo volume pedals. But they has to be stereo. You can get some from Musicans Friend for about $29.99. Just go to the website and do a search for volume pedals..
    Hope this helps
  7. I have a zoom 506 II Frizzle and i got this efx where it's like a distordit wah. Wanna exchange effects over a pm? or icq?
  8. TheFrizzleFry

    TheFrizzleFry Guest

    Nov 21, 2000
    Stinktown, Pa, USA
    Fender, I got a cool effect for ya...
    1) Crank Your Chorus (The Second one) up to 9
    2) Crank The Fuzz all The way
    3) Throw in some delay

    This will make your bass sound like all hell is breaking loose. It could only be useful in an intro or something heavy metalish, but it's pretty damn cool.

    I heard that about volume pedals too, I'll probably try that out.

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