zoom b1four didn't do it for me

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  1. i hope i am not boring you all. but the zoom b1four is being sent back. my worship team hated it said they like my old t-rex reverb better but it was getting ready to die. i did not like the zoom at all. i had trouble using the drums, couldn't get volume to work, drums get way louder then the bass, went in and changed volumes and stuff, maybe something wrong with it, now you can go a head and say the user doesn't know what he is doing, maybe, i have used rack systems with guitar and midi pedal. i want something cheap for church and i thought the zoom would do it . good thing zzound has a 45day return policy. i think i am going to try the vox stomplab 1b, has any of you know anything about the vox, i have 2 or 3 days until zzound sends me my shipping back orders. thanks having trouble with my cap locks again. HighReso_StompLab1B_Top-8d16d2e56ce13aa3ddc995854d7af9f4-2.jpg
  2. Never used Zoom B1four before, but had great experiences with the previous ones (Zoom B2i.u, Zoom B3, Zoom MS-60B, Zoom B1on). Personally, I would not recommend the Vox Stomplab. Had one back then, tinker with it a bit at home and in the studio, all was good, when it was time to hit the stage, mid-song there was heavy buzzing coming out of my pedalboard. the band had to stop, quickly checking the patch cables and the vox was the culprit. Yanked it out of my pedalboard, and continue the show afterwards. After the show, immediately put it up for sale, no regrets
  3. Scott Shaw

    Scott Shaw

    Jun 6, 2019
    We have an older version of the Stomp Lab at our church. I always bypass it so only the tuner works. To be fair, I really haven't had a chance to play with it much.