SOLD Zoom B1X Four multi-effect pedal

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    I've listed this pedal in my local craigslist (austin, tx), and this is mostly cut & paste from that. If you want to pick it up in person, take it for $70.

    This is a Zoom B1X Four multi-effects pedal. Zoom sells a cheaper version which doesn't have the effects pedal; this is the B1X, which does have the pedal built in.

    I won't describe it in detail -- you can go to the zoom website or read various product reviews to get the full run-down, but in short, it has dozens of effects modules, amp sims, and cab sims which can be arranged into patches. The unit can have up to 50 patches in memory at any given time. The pedal also has a drum machine feature, a looper feature, and a tuner mode.

    It lists for $119.99 new; I'm asking $80 shipped to CONUS.

    It is in like-new condition. I'm a hobby bassist and not much of a gear head. I got this so I could tinker with various effects without having to buy a dozen stand-alone units (and many of them cost as much as this multi-effects pedal). Well, it turns out I'm not really into pedal effects; I just can be bothered to find or craft patches to try and match the tone of songs I'm covering.

    Although it is possible to create and edit patches on the device itself, Zoom has a free download for their "Guitar Lab", which makes loading/saving/editing patches 100 times easier than trying to do the same on the pedal.

    The unit is powered either by four AA batteries (included), a 9V (center negative) wall wart (not included), or via a micro USB connector (which is also how it communicates to the Guitar Lab application).

    When I searched for "zoom b1x four" on youtube, this was the first review that came up:

    Do the same search yourself and you'll find dozens of other reviews too.

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    These are fantastic units, especially for the money!
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    I appreciate the video and effort of your description! (Video etc.) So many people don't even mention the basic effect of the pedal their selling... some of us do browse-shop for new and unfamiliar things.
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    It went for $70 on the local craigslist