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Zoom b2.1u advice on hw to get great sound from it?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Jonathan w, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Jonathan w

    Jonathan w

    Jul 29, 2006
    I play my epi thunderbird through my zoom and into my ampeg b100r, however when I go to practices I only take my fender frontman 15b which as we all no is pretty bad. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact settings of the zoom (drive/effect/highs/lows equalisers/compress) I could use that would give me a good low warm tone, that would be good for backing a singing group up with, where you can stil distuinguish all the notes.

    Im hoping this would make my fender sound half decent.
  2. i have a frontman 15b. is there any possible way to take the ampeg. i mean dude thatsnot gonna cut it. i mean it barely cuts it for home practice.
  3. Jonathan w

    Jonathan w

    Jul 29, 2006
    Lol I no, but we practice at school and I don't really want to be leaving my ampeg there incase it got damaged, and its quite heavy as my casters havn't arrived yet, I can really only take my fender
  4. your school doesnt have a amp? even a keyboard amp or a pa maybe? maybe seeing as its a vocal group use the xlr output and pretend to be a microphone?
  5. i would recommend you to start from 2 of the original patches, the SWR one and the Hartke one, twitch your way from there and see if you can find any settings to your liking

    here's some of my fav, excuse the bad layout, but I can't attach Excel files here. The first value is the first knob and so on

    Comp/Limit cp 2 4 80
    Drive/Synth te 1 5 64
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 42 70
    Lo EQ le 10 6 0
    Hi EQ he 2 3 4

    Drive/Synth ha 1 5 70
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 96 80
    Lo EQ le 9 3 1
    Hi EQ he 3 4 4

    Comp/Limit cp 5 2 60
    Drive/Synth ts 1 6 80
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 36 80
    Lo EQ le 12 12 1
    Hi EQ he 3 6 12
    Reverb rn 4 3 52

    Drive/Synth ha 2 4 70
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 96 80
    Lo EQ le 8 3 -10
    Hi EQ he 3 6 5
    Reverb rn 11 10 64

    Comp/Limit cp 2 4 82
    Drive/Synth od 1 10 70
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 34 86
    Lo EQ le 10 4 2
    Hi EQ he 3 4 3

    Comp/Limit cp 2 3 80
    Drive/Synth ff 2 10 70
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 46 80
    Lo EQ le 9 3 4
    Hi EQ he 3 3 5

    Comp/Limit cp 1 1 80
    Wah/EFX ar a7 4 7
    Drive/Synth ts off 4 60
    ZNR/Mix znr 9 50 70
    Lo EQ le 10 4 3
    Hi EQ he 4 4 4
  6. nrlincoln


    Oct 19, 2006
    Just browsing the forum and came across these settings of yours, which i will play around with - thanks.

    On another Zoom B2 related matter, have you tried using the parametric EQ function? I have - my problem is that whatever gain level you set for one frequency bandwith is automatically applied to all the others. In other words if you want more bass at, say 140hz, and set the gain at max (12), this level of gain is applied to all the other available frequencies. So everything is turned to max!
    Is this the way parametric EQ is supposed to work or am i doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  7. Parametric EQ's definitely aren't meant to work that way.

    Are you sure you're interpreting what the display says correctly?

    link to the manual.
  8. you have to understand the difference between graphic equalizer and parametric equalizer first... here's a helpful info (i hope..) http://www.ethanwiner.com/equalizers.html

    basically, that IS how parametric EQ works... Graphic equalizer works by altering the exact value of the frequency that you want to alter, but parametric equalizer works by altering a range of frequency that you want to alter, but you can set the bandwidth to a smaller value (narrow band) so that it doesn't affect too many frequency range. But if you want to alter a wide range of frequency at a time, then you can set it to a higher value (wide band).

    So if you want to alter a narrower freq range, set the first knob to 1, which gives you a peaking type filter with narrow Q. Then set the 2nd knob to whichever frequency that you want to alter, there's a table for it in the manual, and finally you can use the 3rd knob to adjust the gain for the particular frequency range.
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