Zoom B2.1U vs. Pod vs. (modeling content, long post))

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  1. I can't believe I'm doing it again... :rollno:

    I have a nice bass rig, but 70% of the time (practice & performance) I go direct to a PA with out an amp. Started using a MXR M-80 w/ an Aphex compressor, the tried a Zoom B2.1U for 30 days last Christmas (2006), then bought a Sans Amp BDDI. The sounds I'm searching for are fat, clean sounds, sometimes with some dirt, for fusion, funk and classic rock.

    The MXR w/Aphex was great with one bass, not so good with the other. The Zoom sounded decent, but sometimes came off as "thin" sounding, or lacked depth, but it's possible I didn't learn to master the EQ settings before getting rid of it. It's easy to dial in a good tone with the BDDI, but I would like more usable amp tones along the lines of GK, Eden, SWR type tones, along with the ability to switch to tube type tones - Ampeg.

    My quest is for an all-in-one unit to go direct into PA for live use, with decent to great amp models and a few decent effect - most importantly an octave, filter, OD, solo boost. I've found myself ordering the Zoom B2.1U again because it has a good basic variety of amp tone, effects, DI, great small form factor....I also figure I could learn to EQ it better this time around to sit better in the mix.

    In the context of live use direct to PA without an amp, does the POD amp models (XT or X3) sound significantly better than the Zoom? - or is there something better suited to my mission criteria? Have others tread this same path I'm treading (again :rollno:)!

    Sorry for the long & redundant post :bag:

    Thanks in advance
  2. I'm sorta in the same boat and am also getting ready to drop on a B2.1u. I have a lot of experience with both Zoom and Line 6; Zoom just gets me closer to what I want than anything else for my frugal budge point.
    If I did have 500 bucks I would go with the new Line 6 POD X3Live because all of the bass and gtr stuff is in there and it would more closely allow the things I really want to do.
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    Check out a BOSS VF-1. You can get one used for around $180 and control it with a Behringer FCB1010 Footboard and have a lot of flexability and options.
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    I've not used the Zoom, but I'm very happy with my Line6 Bass POD xt Live.
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    To my ear the models I use on the Zoom each have a sweet spot, usually with the blend at 50%, where they sound quite full and lively. I don't use the EQ because my head has a 12 band. I only use a couple models and then bypass or compression for clean. I've never run it through a pa but I'm sure it's pretty much the same story. It takes some tweaking but I'm quite happy with it.
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    +1 to the PodXT. I have the bean version with the FBV shortboard. We are playing about 80% In-Ear gigs now and it is the bomb. I'm not much into effects. :bag: I have models with different amp and cabs set up. I have some chorus, verb and delay for each voice, but that's about as fancy as I get.