Zoom B3 -Plays well w/other FX?

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  1. So I'm in this old school funk project doing some Meters/Funkadelic etc. and I'm pretty happy with my overall tone but I was thinking of getting a B3 as a supplement that would give me an auto wah, maybe chorus, flanger, etc... I'm already happy with the compressor, volume, and tuner pedals I have and would probably use the B3 as a way to bring up some FX as I need them and also maybe use the looper as a practice tool at home.

    So my question is: does the B3 play well with other pedals and is it practical to just use as a way to fill in the blanks with other FX that I don't have?

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  2. I use my B3 exactly as you describe doing and it works great. Plays well with all my other toys.
  3. My B3 sits between a pair of BassBalls into a UNiBass and B2 without an issues.
  4. neuman

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    I have 7 dirts before and a flanger (love me that BF-3 gated action) and sansamp bddi after; work perfectly. Use the B3 for modulation, delay, reverb.
  5. meatwad


    Apr 9, 2008
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    It is perfect for exactly this.
  6. DagoMaino


    Feb 1, 2013
    I just got mine and it sits in the middle of my large pedal board chalk full of other stomp boxes...

    Side-note: You will not regret buying this thing. I love effects! I love analog effects, I even enjoy building effects... and, yes, there is something romantic about the individual stomp boxes, and there is something discernibly different in the sound of some of the stand-alone boxes... but... The B3 is a great tool, it sounds great, it is very versatile, and pretty intuitive. Some of the discernible differences can also be seen as improvements in some cases. I am not such a snob as to admit that this thing has found a permanent home on one of my boards. Even if I was a complete snob, I would buy this just to test combinations and try new effects and routing ideas.