SOLD Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Processor, like new

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  1. johnny_bolt


    Mar 28, 2017
    Price includes US shipping via UPS with tracking info.

    This is the brand new Zoom effects unit for bass, just released a month or two ago.

    I bought it, and it's fantastic. But now my financial situation has changed. And so it has to go. IMO it's a great multi-effects pedal, and has a really useful tuner. Would be super-useful in a gig. Also good for practicing with the drum machine and headphone amp/jack. The sound quality is pretty nice. No noise, and the effects do a superb job of modeling real pedals and amps.

    Product info: Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Processor for Bass

    It's only been used four times. It's never been gigged with, never been stomped on with feet: I only pressed the buttons using my fingers. Everything is included -- warranty card, purchase information, everything. Smoke-free house, sat on my desk like you can see.


    IMG_2312.JPG IMG_2301.jpg IMG_2302.jpg IMG_2303.jpg IMG_2305.jpg IMG_2306.JPG IMG_2307.jpg IMG_2308.jpg IMG_2309.jpg
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    Damn! I just paid full price for one!