For Sale Zoom G3, TC vox, PitchBlack, Sparkle Drive,iStomp, FX3, Phil'tone, DC Brick, etc

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    Shipped conus, paypal ok.

    Offers are gleefully received though not necessarily accepted. If I'm wildly off market on any of this stuff then let me know... This stuff has been sitting unsed for a while.

    SparkleDrive - low hours, no mods. It's a virgin! $65

    TC Voicetone, no box, power supply $55
    If you sing and your band is using a lunchbox or other old school PA - you want these. Warmth, Compression, and pitch correction in a box. XT has anti-feedback as well. Moderate use up to about 3 or 4 years back. After going digital in my personal PA these came out of service and sat.

    Not pictured..
    Dunlop DC Brick original model. $75
    In very good condition. Comes with box and a large bunch of cables.

    Zoom Expression pedal and cable. No box. $30 plus shipping!

    If it isn't's gone...
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    Oct 31, 2009
    Old post I know. G3 still available?