SOLD Zoom MS-60B and Zoom MS-70CDR

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  1. Price:
    see post
    CDR SOLD! 60-B still available!

    PayPal and shipped CONUS only.

    $75 each or $140 for both!

    The best digital pedals I've had the pleasure to play with for a long time. Need to make room for some more stuff coming in.

    Both work beautifully.



    Only interested in the following trades right now:

    Trade interests +/- cash:

    • Infanem Second Voice
    • EQD Bit Commander
    • Boss Bass Synth SYB-5
    • TWA Great Divide
    • Red Panda Bitmap
    • Red Panda Particle
    • Aguilar Chorusaurus
    • Geiger Counter - Bass
    • Cali76 Compressor
    • Whirlwind OC Bass Compressor
    • Wren & Cuff Tall Font Russian
    • JangleBox J-Gate Noise Gate
    • FEA Compressors
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  3. 70-CDR sold! 60-B still up for sale
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