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Zoom MS-60B VS Korg Pandora ???

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by smo, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a Zoom MS60B, good pedal for size and price, but there's a few negatives....
    Looking at the Pandora without ever trying one, I'm wondering if this pedal might solve some of them.

    With the Zoom, I find the tuner isn't all that accurate with the lower notes (I often have to tune a low E and lower by harmonics), it can be hard to see in a bright light (stage or sunlight), and the effects are time consuming to cycle though. The Pandora has 4 presets up on the top which is all I'm really going to need, and looks like the tuner is easy to see. If the tuner is anything like the Pitchblack, I know it'll be good enough.

    FWIW, I'm mainly looking at this pedal for non-dirt sounds like Vibe, Phaser, Filter, Delay etc.

    So whats the verdict here?
    Is the Korg cheap and nasty like some reviews seem to say?
    Is the Zoom really that much better, or are they a bit more even?
    Any issues with noise/hiss etc.?

    Is there a third contender to consider in this relative size?

  2. I'm more than happy with the Zoom myself.
  3. warrplayer


    Apr 16, 2008
    Charlotte, NC
    Have had both the Stomp and the multistomp. :)

    Long time lover of the old Pandora PX4B.

    The MS-60b is superier in almost every way. The modulation effects on the Pandoras were never that good. If mono doesn't bother you the pandora stomp is okay, but some fx are complete rubbish in mono. Korg just took their decades old Pandora engine and stuck it in a pedal. The auto pan for instance turns into a tremelo in mono since you can't hear it when it pans to one side. The analog to digital conversion is 16 bit 32k which is less than cd quality.
    The ms-60 is 24 bit 96k. The tuner is great on the Korg.
  4. Hmmm. Good point.

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