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  1. Boy do I feel like a dummy. I always liked that Cajun style dance music that I always thought was called Cajun Dance Music, now I find out it's called Zydeco. Oh well. Anyway, can anyone recommend some good Zydeco bands/artists? I saw a show the other night, but, wasn't paying full attention to it. I think the band's name was File.(accent on the E)
    I think I'm going to go to Tower Records after work. My favorite place for the last 20 years is still closed; it was 2 blocks from the World Trade Center. www.jandr.com

    Mike J.
  2. One would think that living in south Louisiana (the birthplace of Zydeco) I would be full of suggestions. However, I am not an avid fan of Zydeco, so I don't really know what to tell you.

    Except for maybe Wayne Toups.(he's a local celebrity who is known for good music and having a cocaine problem). Even when he was in jail they let him hold concerts. He may have national distribution.

    Also, there is a small record store here of which the owner is the founder of Goldband Records. Try to find Swamp Gold. It is a compilation of different Cajun artists. If I am not mistaken there are differnt volumes.
  3. Also, if anyone needs a good laugh, I suggest you try to find the "Cajun Rap Song"!!! That one was funny.:D :D
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    Aug 25, 2000
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    I like Beau Jocque & the Zydeco Hi-Rollers. I thought their Gonna Take You Downtown album was great, but you can always get there Best Of.... compilations.

    You've also got Rosie Ledet, Boozoo Chavis, or C.J. Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band.

    Since this is related to specific music, I'll shuffle it off to Recordings.
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    It's easy to get confused. Many people who don't know much about Louisiana culture lump the two together.

    Cajun = white

    Zydeco = Afro-American

    While the two styles have common roots, they are very different in a lot of ways.

    Some younger Cajuns are adding zydeco elements, notably Wayne Toups (who calls his music "zydecajun"), Beausoleil and File; these bands also have brought in a lot of rock influence.

    On the other side of the fence, zydeco star Geno Delafose has done some recordings with Cajun players showcasing the pre-zydeco "creole" or "la-la" style.

    Outside of Louisiana it is possible to find white zydeco bands (hey, I've been playing zydeco here in New England since the mid 80s) because of the lack of Afro-American musicians interested in the style.
  6. Alright! Now I have a good place to start from. I first got into this music when I saw "The Big Easy," but never actually bought any CDs. Joe_Atlanta, that's what I'm talkin' about. Thanks also bassistjedi and Jazzbo for adding to the list, and Brianrost for the histiory.

    Good Weekend all,
    Mike J.
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    It was his band in "The Big Easy". "Positivly Beadhead" is IMO his best recording to date though I haven't heard his latest. His music and songs are exceptional but he really shines on stage. If you get the opportunity to see him live DO NOT MISS IT . He performs with energy and sincerity unequalled in the industry. :D http://www.terrancesimien.com
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    Buckwheat Zydeco would be a band I would definitely include in a zydeco collection. The group has made over twenty records, maybe more. They tour extensively, too.
  9. Try
    Cliffton Chenier (said to be the king of zydeco)
    Lynn August (They cut up live)
    Chubby Carrier
    Buckwheat Zydeco (I love this band)

    K. Duvernay
  10. Hey blueseye, let me say #1. Welcome to Talkbass, you'll like it here, and #2. Thanks for the PM about the other Zydeco bands. I actually didn't get a chance to get to the music store last weekend, but, I'm going to buy a few CDs this weekend, and thanks to guys like you, and everyone else that responded, I have a pretty good frame of reference to choose from when I go to the store.

    Thanks again, everyone, and if you can think of any other artists by all means, add them to the list.

    Mike J.
  11. MJ
    My pleasure. and thanks for the welcome.

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    I second the motion on Chubby Carrier. Definitely check him out. And I again repeat my statement about Buckwheat Zydeco. That belongs in any zydeco collection.
  13. O.K. I went to Tower Records and bought 2 CDs.
    I got "Positively Beadhead" by Terrance Simien and
    "Buckwheat's Zydeco Party" which is kind of like a greatest hits album. The Terrance Simien CD is excellent, just the style I like; the wild stuff is wild, and the ballads are nicely done. On a couple of tunes he sounds kind of like Sam Cook. I recommend the CD highly. Buckwheat on the other hand is a controlled madman! I realize now that I've heard some of his stuff before, but, just didn't know who it was. "Walkin' to New Orleans" and "My feet can't fail me now," I recognized right away. I can also hear his influence in other bands such as The J. Geils Band and Little Feet. I also didn't realize that Dr. John would be considered Cajun (duh) and there was a ton of his stuff there. That guy Wayne Toups was there too. Everyone else that you guys mentioned was there, and I'm going back by the end of the week to get a few more. The only thing that got me, was that most of these CDs were close to $20.00. I guess they're not considered mainstream, and this is reflected in the price. Who cares? Now, if I can find the right people: A Zydeco band in Queens! I think it would go over pretty good. Hey, it's the PERFECT party music, and it would be such a change of pace from all the repetitve nonsense most of the local bands in my area play. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Who knows?

    Thanks again, everyone. I'll keep you posted.

    Mike J.