Building Your Board

Aug 6, 2017
Building Your Board
  • Building your circuit board

    "Put the lime in the coconut, stir it all up."


    The current schematic is always accessible from this link:

    The BOM can also serve as the parts reference for populating the circuit board. If you order through Mouser's Project Manager widget your components will already come in pre-labeled bags as well. It's a good idea to wash the circuit board with 90+% isopropanol before starting the stuffing process.

    Start with all the resistors. I prefer to stuff all of them and then do the soldering in one pass. Next install the IC sockets, if you're using them. Be sure to note proper orientation for the opamps, with the square solder pads denoting pin #1. Next do the shorter and then the the taller capacitors. The square pads correspond to the positive leads of the two electrolytic caps.

    At this point you should take a look at the control spacing in your bass and work up your general wiring plan before you start wiring up the pots.

    Bass and Mid pots:


    Frequency pot:


    Resonance pot:


    <much more to come>
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