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Double Bass Academic Jobs Wiki

Dec 19, 2018
Double Bass Academic Jobs Wiki
  • Appointments to full-time (FT) tenure track (TT) college/university positions in double bass, organized by the year the position was filled. Stuff in parentheses indicate where the job winner went to school and/or previous "job" they had.

    This list does not include part time adjunct positions, temporary, nor non-tenure-track (NTT) positions because doing so would make this list really long. No distinction has been made between all the different types of performance specialties (like jazz vs. classical) or the academic areas to which a double bass position is often attached (like early music, jazz studies, music ed, theory, history, tech, industry/admin, general education, interdisciplinary studies, etc.) because that would make this list really complicated.

    Similar to the aims of the Orchestra Audition Winners thread and eventually WIKI page, a WIKI listing such as this could help keep academic bass job seekers updated on who got what job and when, which is useful when waiting and waiting for a response from a search committee, and will also be useful for job seekers who want to find patterns and insight on successful bids to win mysteriously elusive double bass jobs in higher education. Considering the glacial pace of the academic hiring process and the shroud of secrecy that is maintained on academic searches, this wiki might prove to be cathartic and informative, too, if this academic jobs wiki for bass becomes anything like the academic jobs wiki for music theory/composition and musicology/ethnomusicology. Check those out, and you might go running screaming from academia. At the least, since historically high numbers of bassists are pursuing doctorates in music and artist careers in higher education, hopefully this list can be of use to that group.

    This list is most likely incomplete and there are probably many inaccuracies. Please edit to make the list bigger and better.

    • Florida State University: George Speed (faculty at OSU, Florida Phil, NEC, Vanderbilt)
    • University of Texas, Austin:

    • University of Northern Iowa: No hire (current NTT faculty continues in NTT post)
    • Indiana University (Jacobs): Jeff Turner (Pittsburgh Symphony Principal, Eastman)

    • Michigan State University: Kevin Brown (Principal Bass Detroit Symphony, Rice)
    • Penn State University: Jeremy McCoy (Asst. Principal Bass Met, Curtis)
    • University of Michigan: Max Dimoff (Principal Cleveland Orchestra, Northwestern)
    • Appalachian State University: Adam Booker (Faculty at University of MN Duluth, UT Austin)
    • University of Knoxville, TN: Jon Hamar (Seattle freelancer, Eastman)
    • Utah State University: Braun Kahn (University of Northern Colorado, Central Michigan University)

    • CCM: Rachel Calin (NYC freelancer, Juilliard)
    • James Madison University: Samuel Suggs (Yale)
    • SUNY Fredonia: Kieran Hanlon (Eastman)
    • Appalachian State University: No Hire!
    • University of Evansville: James Sullivan (Eastman, IU)

    • University of Michigan: Scott Pingel (Principal Bass San Francisco Symphony, Manhattan)

    • Indiana University: Kurt Murocki (NYC freelancer, Juilliard)

    • University of Arizona: Phil Alejo (Univ. of Michigan, Yale, Oberlin)

    • University of Texas at Arlington: Jack Unzicker (University of North Texas, Western Washington Univ.)
    • University of Minnesota Duluth: Adam Booker (UT Austin)
    • University of Louisville: Chris Fitzgerald (University of Louisville)
    • Ball State University: Joel Braun (NYC freelancer, Juilliard)

    • University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Hans Sturm (Faculty member Ball State University, Northwestern, Wisconsin)
    • Florida International University: Jamie Ousley (University of Miami)

    • University of Nebraska, Lincoln: Jeff Eckels (University of North Texas, Wisconsin)
    • Texas Christian University: Yuan Xiong Lu (member of San Antonio Symphony, UT Austin, Shanghai Conservatory)
    • University of Miami: Brian Powell (CCM, IU)
    • University of Central Oklahoma: Michael Geib (Florida State University)

    • Columbus State University: Alexander Pershounin (Faculty member at Minnesota State University Moorhead, Southern Miss., Gnessin State)

    • Texas Tech: Mark Morton (Principal bass of Columbus Symphony, Juilliard)
    • Shenandoah Conservatory: Donovan Stokes (faculty member at Valdosta State Univ., IU, Vanderbilt)

    • University of Texas, Austin: Daxun Zhang (Faculty at Northwestern, IU)
    • University of Nebraska, Omaha: Jeremy Baguyos (Peabody, IU)
    • University of North Carolina School of the Arts: Paul Sharpe (Faculty at Texas Tech, University of Iowa, Northwestern)
    • Baylor University: Sandor Ostlund (Faculty member at Shenandoah Conservatory, Rice)
    • Minnesota State University Moorhead: Alexander Pershounin (Gnessin State)
    • Ithaca College: Nicholas Walker (Stony Brook, Rice)
    • Winston-Salem University: no hire

    • University of Southern Mississippi: Marcos Machado (NTT faculty at USM, UIUC)
    • University of Oklahoma: Anthony Stoops (Faculty member at Bowling Green State University, University of Michigan, University of Iowa)
    • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley: George Amorim (Baylor, North Texas)
    • Indiana University: Jeremy Allen (NEC, IU)
    • University of Louisville: Sidney King (Asst. Principal Bass of Louisville Orchestra)

    • University of South Carolina: Craig Butterfield (Maynard Ferguson Band, UNT)
    • West Texas A&M: Nick Scales (Texas Tech, UNT, WTAMU)
    • Arizona State University: Catalin Rotaru (faculty at University Wisconsin-Stevens Point, UIUC)
    • Colorado State University: Forest Greenough (Univ. of Northern Colorado)

    • University of Hartford: Robert Black (Bang On A Can, University of Hartford-Hartt School)
    • Oklahoma State University: George Speed (member of Florida Philharmonic, BU, Vanderbilt)

    • University of Texas, El Paso: Erik Unsworth (IU)
    • Shenandoah University: Sandor Ostlund (Rice, University of Wisconsin)
    • University of California, San Diego: Mark Dresser (UCSD)

    • Volkan Orhon (University of Hartford)

    • Rowan University, Douglas Mapp (Temple University, Philadelphia College for the Performing Arts)
    • University of Michigan, Diana Gannett (faculty at University of Iowa, Yale)


    Out of about 50 advertised positions, about 20 were advertised as jazz + classical positions, and about 10 were bass + something else other than jazz.