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Frethand median nerve pain

Dec 6, 2016
Frethand median nerve pain
  • I was playing Sunday evening, and when I awoke next morning; I had a sharp pain in the median nerve (I believe that is it's proper name) on fret hand.

    I have been playing/ practicing everyday for the last 4.5 - 5 months. On multiple occasions I have experienced numbness in fingertips, but this is something much different.

    Its is interfering with interfering with my playing. I can just apply a tiny amount of pressure on a string, and it feels like an ice pick is piercing that nerve. Very frustrating. I've tried most of the tips give found on internet, and have had no results.

    Has anyone else experience this as well? If so, did it pass? Did you have to seek medical assistance? Any advice would be highly appreciated.