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Machined Bass

Sep 29, 2018
Machined Bass
  • Looking for a company that uses a mill and lathe to create neck through bass instruments. They also need to be on the forefront of electronic innovation on these instrements. I have a would love to get a bass made but have a certain wood I think would be unusual and uncommon. I also would take advantage of as many electronic upgrades possible.


    Did you mean to make this a wiki page? Seems more like something for the forums.

    Anyway, I would call the guys at Kiesel. They have the CNC stuff, and do through necks, and have all sorts of uncommon woods. IIRC they may even accept some external woods, although they for sure have some rules due to machineability and suitability for an instrument (ex: too soft etc.).

    Custom shop page:
    Custom Shop USA Guitars | KieselGuitars.com

    Thorough factory tour (one of several) including the CNC stuff: