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Squier Bass VI BASS Pickups?

Mar 6, 2017
Squier Bass VI BASS Pickups?
  • Well, just got a Squier Bass VI and joined the community of people ready to throw it out the window.

    I put in brass sleeve bearings to lock the bridge, Thin-point saddles from Killer Guitar Components to intonate correctly, adjusted the truss rod to fix horrible neck bend, replaced the strings for .28s, and I'm still not satisfied. I want to use this as a bass. I want it to sound as punchy as I can get. The top 5 strings are perfect but that low E (sometimes Dropped D) just won't hit hard enough. I'm thinking of replacing the pickups to passive EMG ljhz and sjhz for the neck and bridge pickups... but then I'd have to leave the middle there. I would have to Cut into the pickgaurd a bit to get them to fit, but I'm thinking that MAYBE I'd get the tone I'm looking for. Has anyone done this/can give me advice on how to achieve what I'm looking for? Next upgrade for it is a Staytrem bridge as well, which will help, but not enough.

    I understand that it is extremely difficult/borderline impossible to achieve this tone with an instrument of such short scale, but I am determined. Not opposed to active pickups if I HAVE to, but I'd much rather not. I really want this to work PRIMARILY as a bass.